Jan 31, 2012

Enter Ninjago!!

My kids are suddenly obsessed with lego Ninjagos.  It's all the rage in this household.  In fact, Ellie and I have been talking about her birthday party and she all but convinced me that she truly, honestly, undeniably wants a ninjago party.  I would have been fine with that... but when we started looking up ideas online, she quickly changed her mind to a sparkly party!! She assured me that she would DEFINITELY have a ninjago party next year.

Jense is considering changing his name to ninjago.  He cannot be found without a ninjago item in his hand... or pocket... or backpack.  Whenever he goes... they go.

The second grade program was a few weeks back.  It was all about reading.  The children were assigned parts according to their favorite book.  Jensen decided he wanted to be a ninjago.  I had one day warning because he could not decide so my mom and I (yes yes... I helped) made him this little ninja costume.  After the initial sewing I fell fast asleep while my mom finished up.  These pictures were taken after the program and he was fidgeting with his mask the entire time so it doesn't look as official as it did. 

His part was "I am Kai the ninjago and I fight bad guys with my awesome ninja skills."  He is so endearing when he gets in the spot light.  His shyness surfaces, and he will participate, but I know it is difficult for him.  After the program he came and gave me a hug and proclaimed, "Mom! That was easy!"  This is a phrase that I have ingrained in that boy.  When I was trying to train him out of the sidelines and into the action he would always refuse and I focused a lot on giving him a lot of praise when he would try something new.  The phrase, "Mom, that was easy" has been in existence for years... and we re-visit it now and again.  I'm proud of you Jense! 

This guy shows you how to turn a regular old T-shirt into a ninja mask.  We have had fun with this.  We are now a family of ninjas!  Pardon his language... there are also videos out there if you'd rather watch the instruction.  Go get your ninja on.  I don't think i will be getting my red t-shirt back... any time soon.  Jense has labeled it his ninja mask, soooo I won't hold my breath.

The person that came up with ninja legos is a genius...
and I am paying them handsomely for their ingenuity! 


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Oh you are not the only family! My older son esp, who is 7, is OBSESSED! He got a 1200piece lego set from his nana for Christmas and had it, and the smaller sets from me, done in 4 days! Did you know they recentely came out with a show??? Here it's on Wednesday nights.

Brimaca said...

I've never even hrad of ninjango my boy is X-Men OBSESSED. And so is my girl.

Brimaca said...


Katie said...

Our boys are totally nuts over Ninjago Legos too-- love your costume, awesome job!

Loved your post on small towns too :)

Miss you guys, glad you post so I feel like we keep in touch this way! Hugs to you friend!!!

Mimi said...

Miss you too miss Katie!!