Jan 17, 2012

Happy New Year ala Ice Skating

We had nothing to do after Christmas so we headed up to the skating rink a few blocks away.  The sun was shining, and not a single cloud was in the sky.  It is so strange to be hot... outside... a few days after Christmas!!  This has been the warmest/ non wintery winter of my life.  Where is the SNOW??  I got the kids all bundled up, and we all immediately took off the layers because it was crazy hot.  We were skating comfortably with short sleeves on.   This is what Christmas in Arizona must fee like.  

Mia tried a few laps, then we benched her.  Not really... she liked it alright, but asked to sit down.  

She had a much better time in the stroller!  Safe and Sound in the stroller!

We tried to get her to smile, but she was being grouchy that day.  This is the face she makes often... it is the "I don't want to, but I want to" face. 

The "snellers" joined us.  

Still not wanting to smile- little goofball

Sammers was supposed to be napping, so he was pretty chill the entire time.  We rarely see him in this state.  He is either rapidly destroying the place, or sleeping.  I loved him just chill and sleepy.

Jense took to the ice quickly and probably enjoyed it the most out of everyone.  

John actually put on some skates and took a few laps around the rink....then he decided it wasn't for him.  If there is a sport where he could potentially "break his tailbone" he is out.  He stayed with Ellie, and took a majority of the pics. 

Ellie got into it there at the end.  She kept asking me where her "figure skates" were.  I laughed it off, but realized after the fact that we did in fact own a pair of white figure skates.  
Hmmmm... I wonder what happened to those?

Ultra Concentration.  She made it quite a ways by herself, but discovered that the other kids were off eating treats... so she abandoned the rink for some snacks.

My mini moma loved pushing the stroller... and got a good feel for the ice with some assistance before trying it out solo. 

Kye has some skating skills... he must get them from his dad! His dad, i am told, played hockey.  
Go Hawks! (his fake team that I  just made up) :-)

The music was perfect for a couples skate
John and I were getting a kick out of the song choices!

1 boy + 1 bag of Doritos's = best afternoon EVER!

Ellie was cracking me up because she kept skating against the grain.  It didn't really matter, but it just goes to show that this girl is a free spirit and DOES HER OWN THING!  

Snacking spectators.
I was chattin' with a family on this bench for awhile.  They thought Mia was adorable.  
I will never get tired of people telling me how cute she is. 
She wins people over with one interaction because she is so sweet and friendly. 

I was totally laughing as I was clicking away at my sister and her husband.  He was gearing up for a smooch, while Suz was gearing up for her closeup.  I just love the lean in... and the deny!  love it. 

He got her on the next lap. 

Mr Kye... just being sweet. 

We went out to eat after skating.
The plan was to go to the grill room at the Homestead, but they were completely shut down... the entire Homestead.  

Instead we went across the street to the Zermatt.  Lovely place.  
The kids loved the huge tree and the little waterfall in the lobby. 

I was reminded in more ways than one (if you follow me) why I rarely take my four children to an eating establishment... together.  They are cute though- I will give them that!


Stefenie said...

CUTE photos of all you ice skating. Looks like you had the best time!

chelsea said...

cute photos, and beautiful family. i am a new follower. i am having a give away, check it out you may be interested.

Danielle said...

Hey Meem, you look great in these pictures. Your kids are so sweet.

Brimaca said...

I LOVE THE TOP PIC! They should use it for an rink ad.

Shelley Eggett said...

So fun! I want to go iceskating.