Jan 24, 2012

It's finally HERE!

It's a little late, but the snow finally decided to show up.  Sam loves the snow and will barely hold still long enough to get his snow gear on.  Sorry about the pink pants buddy!  I have no idea where the snow pants your size (that aren't pink) are.  I loved watching him try to navigate through the snow... in his boots.  He kept looking back at me yelling, "SNOW! SNOW!"  I feel the same way!

Mia stood in one spot for quite awhile. I don't know if she knew what to do.  
"Mom, you stuck me out here in the cold, now what?"  

Once she started walking around making foot prints she really started to enjoy herself.  

The snow is so beautiful!  As I was shoveling the drive way (I only shoveled for about one minute) I had flashbacks to when the snow was so high we could jump from the roof into the snow.  We're going to need a lot more snow fall if my kids are going to re-peat that adventure.  It's time to take these crazies sledding. 

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Brimaca said...

Jealous. And again...homesick.