Jan 10, 2012

Teach me to Pray

My minis are really into praying.  Mia and Sam take turns saying the prayer at meal time... they both need a turn!  Mia loves to squint and often has a really happy/entertained look on her face.  Sam will close his eyes for a second, then blinks rapidly throughout the rest of the prayer.


Sam has to get his "MEN!!!!" out of the way before he will take it seriously.  Somewhere along his prayer education path he learned to scream "MEN (amen)" as loud as he can almost immediately after the prayer begins.  He is really enthusiastic about his "men" and we only reinforce him because we can't stop laughing.  Here he is yelling "men" while Mia is taking it seriously.  I caught this sweet little interaction between them on my camera.  

"No sammy, close your eyes yike dissss!"

"now say, Heamly Fader..."

"Dis Day"

"food, bessings, family, nana, papa, jense, ellie, mia sam, mommy, daddy, Jacob family, peeschool, good day, be happy, be nice, dos right (do what's right)."



"here Sam, now take a bite."

"Owe, Sammy did it... he bite Mia."


Ms. Dolly Dagger said...

HOW DAMN CUTE IS THIS? The damn cutest!!!

Brimaca said...

I don't usually find the stories about other peoples' kids that fun to read but yours are amazing. I love these kids. When I see them I feel like I know them and forget that they've only seen me a few times and I was not on the top of their list of favorites. :) Seriously the comment above ny Miss Dolly Dagger says it all.

Shila said...

so adorable those two!

Shelley Eggett said...

It looks like they could teach my 4 1/2 year old a few things about praying. She is the most irreverant prayer.