Jan 30, 2012

What I love about small towns

- Today I took Mia into the local publishing office and as we were standing there waiting for our printing order when an older gentleman walked in the door.  He made a bee-line over to Mia and hit her on the head with a small book he was holding.  She of course thought this was hilarious. I was caught off guard, but I have an affinity for elderly people so just thought he was cute.  He asked Mia where the Christmas present she bought for him was.  She immediately replied, "I'm six!... I'm six too."  The man laughed at her but continued to question her about where his gift was.  Mia just kept telling him, "yep yep yep!"  It was adorable.  He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "Christmas present!"  He said, "Well, she seems easy to please."  After a few minutes, two more people walked into the building and quickly struck up a conversation with Mia.  She felt like a little celebrity with so many people wanting her attention.  When the one gentlemen said that he couldn't hear her she quickly ran to him and touched his leg while she repeated herself that "I go to preschool too!" There just seems to be a lot of friendly people here.

- Without fail you see someone you know at the grocery store... sometimes you run into two or three people.  It's fool proof- grocery stores+small towns= a lot of chit chat.

- You are never stuck in traffic... EVER! It takes the same amount of time to get anywhere... at any time of day.  So lovely.

- You can go ice skating a few blocks from where you live. Okay, this isn't really small town specific, but it is something I love about this small town!

- I have yet to wait in line at the post office... no lie.  You walk in, you send off your packages or what have you... and you get on with it.

- Everyone seems to be related to someone that you know.

- The local newspaper highlights births/weddings/first birthdays/high school sports.  The paper is all about people who live in the community.  Love it.

- Seeing deer grazing in someone's front yard is commonplace. Again, more location of this small town, but it's still unique.

- No traffic lights.

- Life is just slower here.

* You probably guessed that this post is old.  It is.  Like I said... life is just slower here- and my blogging is no exception. 


BarbaraJo said...

Yes, I love small towns too!

Ali said...

Love it! I have many childhood memories of the Homestead (close enough right?), and my aunt and uncle lived up there for a few years before they went on their mission to Russia. I always loved to go and visit!

Jess said...

I know exactly what you mean about the slow blogging. I haven't updated in over a year....no worries though everything going great with home life! It seems like I forget but I have to remind myself that I just can't. Rereading my own blog set me back into reality today! :-/

Brimaca said...

You just made me homesick!