Feb 27, 2012

Biopsy Day- A Documentary

Mia’s big annual biopsy was today. We started off the day a the criggity crack of dawn and I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep on the drive… not that surprised… but I was super tired. Mia kept asking for snacks the entire way. I ran out of distractions, and was relieved when we got to the hospital.

Once we were checked in Daddy and Mia explored the hospital together.  The waiting room was packed… and we don’t do packed waiting rooms… especially at hospitals.  She loved the fish.

Despite being really hungry she had plenty of energy and was running around and wanting to go up and down the elevator. 

I always hate right before the cath lab.  She has so much spunk and energy and then after all of the in’s and out’s (literally) of the cath she looks  beat, and my happy little girl can’t muster her usual effortless smile.

Mia and Daddy running around in the hospital.  She has quite the mischievous look on her face.  John boy and Mia were off on an adventure when she was called back.  The tech lady didn’t seem too thrilled that she wasn’t right there.  Oh well… she was hungry and needed distraction.  They made it back two minutes later, but then we waited for an hour and 45 minutes after that.  I had to laugh.  She claimed, “They are all waiting for her.”  No guilt trips today, thank you. :-)

“K dad, let’s go!”  Can’t get enough of this face!

Mia was fascinated with the magnet board.  I could have spent some time on that magnet board myself. I never cared for math... except for geometry.

She was thoroughly enjoying all of her pre-ops.  Temp, blood pressure, sats, etc. 

Pretty peticure compliments of Aunt nats and painted over by one Elvis Camille

Child life stopped by and gave her this little hospital doll to color.  She went to town with the “purpoo” marker.  She kept saying, “oh, this is Mia.”  

Last picture before the cath procedure.   Mia didn’t get any medicine before the procedure.  She went right to the nurse and went to sleep with no problems.   The room seemed so big and scary… walking away from my little peanut and leaving her there is too much.
 It NEVER gets easy.

Luckily I filled up my entire wait time chatting up with a new heart mom friend.  She has the cutest little peanut of a baby and there is never a shortage of things to talk about with other heart moma's.  Her daughter is precious! I have pictures to prove it.
I also ran into two other transplant moms.
Heart mom's are the best of the best- post coming soon about these wonderful women!

Ok, so onto the technical stuff.  I took a picture of the monitor to help esssplain.
Mia’s coronary arteries (dark lines)  look fabulous! Yay!  She did form a little “connector” aka fistula that is not ideal, but is small so they aren’t going to worry too much about it.  It is the c shaped artery section right in the middle of the picture.  They might eventually coil it, but for now they are just going to leave it alone.  Such a beautiful heart... and beautiful arteries. 

The pressures in her heart were elevated.  This can be due to rejection, but can also be due to having a salty meal the night before.  I was pumped because she basically had a salt fest yesterday.  The biopsy results were not available until later in the day.

My little girl post-op.  She was so adorable… and sleepy.  She was so hungry that she drank too much too fast and some decided to come back up.  Poor baby!

One of the highlights of the day unfolded while Mia was getting her echo, it went down like this:
I was chit chatting with the man performing Mia's echo and after a big conversation about how we always had the same girl do Mia's echos in Seattle and how much we loved her we talked some more about Seattle and all of the family he had up there.  Then a little while later he said, "oh so you were in Seattle... do you know a girl named Laura?"  I said.... "yes yes... that is the girl I was telling you about!!!"  He further explained that she was there earlier that day.  She was there for an interview.  I couldn't believe it.  I knew she was going to interview, but didn't know when.  I promptly texted her and she came back to the hospital.  It was one of those crazy coincidences.

Yay! Our Laura came to visit and stayed with us until we got to leave.  It was so great to see her! I hope hope hope she moves here and we can resume our usual echo party time.  Seriously love this girl.  She has been with Mis Mia from the start... I mean fetal echo start.  We love her and it was so good to catch up!  Thanks for coming and helping out.  Mia woke up and one point and not sure if it was the medicine or what but she had to be in my arms.  "I want to hold Mia!!! I want to hold Mia!!"  I love her third person demands.

We had to swing by the x-ray lab on our way out.  Oh, and we ran into someone from home.  

I never let Mia ride in the hospital wagons, but she really wanted to... and she was hating it... so I closed my eyes and let her ride to to x-ray and then out to the car in her chariot. 

Now, the news that a handful of you have been dying to know :-)

Dr. Everett is not going to officially call it until Thursday, but the preliminary results all point to:


yay!!!!  I know I shouldn't get ahead of myself, but I can't help it.  She is still going to check on her veins in a few days and see if she ends up with an infection, (she was showing some signs) and then she will officially "call it!" :-)

They may have her do a little bump of steroids just in case.  Her pressures were elevated, and they are trying to figure out why... so there is a chance we will do the bump. I can handle a five day course of steroids.  I can handle no rejection! I can more than handle the great day we had and great news we received!  

Mia will be on bed rest for a day... so that will be easy! :-)  She has done a great job of cuddling me while I type this up.  Yay Mia!  We are so grateful and blessed for such great news!
I'll do a quick update on Thursday... ya know- to make it official.


Shila said...

Hip hip hooray! What good news you have today! Mia such a trooper! Love to you all!

Shelley Eggett said...

So happy! Thank you for the details of your day. That was fun to read. Glad it went well, Mia can really brighten anyone's day.

Angee and Thom said...

First off Why have I not been following your blog before now??? Well now that I am... What great news. Mia is such a cutie pa tootie!

Petersen Palace said...

what happy news!!! congrats on such a great day!!!

jayna said...

She is so precious- glad to hear that her new heart is treating her right! :)

Jim Hutchings said...

WONDERFUL.... Love you guys!

Kimmie said...

such great news!!! did cowley do the cath? you are always in THE BEST hands with that man.....LOVE HIM!! go mia!!

Anne said...

So happy for you all. give Mia hug for me. She is quite the amazing little girl.

Danielle said...

YAY! I love this girlie. What a relief to hear the good news. I am so happy it went well, and you connected with a friend.

Brimaca said...

Yay! And that coincidene was awesome!

Deila Taylor said...

I found you through blogher, such a sweet family and story. What a darling little girl, I wish you the very best.