Feb 5, 2012

February is CHD month

This is the face of CHD!

I am a few days behind, but I wanted to kick off February with a post about my little CHD girlie!  I love promoting CHD awareness and always feel a little more expressive in February because it is CHD awareness month.

Mia girl- CHD survivor- transplant recipient- happiest little 3 year old alive- 
living with an angel heart!

If you need a cause to promote... this is a guh-oooood one.  So many mamas are having babies with CHD's.  Chances are you know someone- other than the precious face pictured above that has a CHD.  We are gaining in numbers, and we need to be diminishing.  I have a few more posts coming about CHD's- hopefully by the end of February you will be experts on this cause! 

One of my fellow heart moma's has been super busy creating these great personalized CHD hearts. She has been making them for all the Inter-mountain healing hearts kiddos. A.Rae, thanks for the cute lady bugs for my little lady bug.  I love it.

CHD snippet 1)

Congenital Heart Defects are the #1 birth defect worldwide

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