Feb 13, 2012

My not so NEW job

Sooooo... I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet, but I have been busy blogging about them on a different site.  Back in the beginning of November I was hired on as the assistant coach to the wonderfully fabulous Waspettes.  At the time, I actually had no idea how fabulous they would be, but it didn't take me long to realize that I had made a great choice.  The job had been posted for quite awhile before I decided to apply.  I had a back and forth struggle only because I would have to have my mom get my kiddos off to school a couple of days a week.  Between John's schedule and my mom's willingness (unless she is a good liar) it has worked out really well so far.  I LOVED being a Waspette myself, and knew it would be really rewarding.   I don't know how to sum up the last three and a half months, but here are some things I have loved about coaching these girls.

- One of my first interactions with them was me laughing at how they are in love with Justin Beiber.  I thought it was a laugh together, we are all in faux love with Justin Beiber... nope.  They legitimately love him, and talk about him like teenagers would.  I learned quickly that despite not feeling even one day older than them... I am.  I am much older than them, and I would need to appreciate their honest adoration for "JB."  Luckily I have a JB in my life... so when they refer to "JB" I just think of my man.  They are endearing... refreshing.... Justin Beiber loving teenagers and I love them to pieces!

- I love dancing! I just can't escape being affiliated with a dance program somewhere.  Watching these girls dance and LOVE IT, is shuga for my soul.  They can move you with their lyrical, make you angry with their military, smile with their character dance, feel inspired with their dance drill, and make you want to join in their hip hop.  They love to dance and being there every single morning is a true joy.  Getting out of bed is another story... but once I'm there- I'm thrilled. 

- My kids have loved their interaction with the Waspettes.  Other than the early mornings, this is an extremely kid friendly job.  Here they are getting ready for the flag ceremony and Mia is running around like she owns the joint.  It cracks me up to see her weave in and out of them without a care in the world.

- Mia even calls them the "Waspettes" and says it perfectly.  She is a little mini mascot and has loved watching them dance too.  It's fun to watch her face watching them... she is almost in a trance.

The kids get plenty of attention from the girls.  It's just fun!

During a basketball game (favorite part of my kids' week) the fire alarm went off so we all ended up outside.  I love how Jense just wants his helicopter to charge so he can fly it already.  He loves going to the games and has made some friends to hang out with.  He doesn't pay too much attention to the girls, but he does call them the "black girls."  so awesome. 

All of the girls and super sweet.  This seems really rare for a large group of teenage girls, but it's true... they are loving and kind to each other, and I have never heard one unkind thing said... at all. I am so proud of this, they are truly beautiful people.

Besides being really good to each other (and us coaches) they are full of spunk and personality.  They have fun and are genuinely funny.  I just can't say enough about this team.  I am already lamenting the day when this school year is over and half of them graduate.  It will be so entirely different without them.

Sammers is kind of a wild card at the games so he gets left at home most of the time.  When he does come he enjoys himself, but he just wants to go up and down the bleachers and he wants his mom to go with him. 

Anytime music is playing he is dancing.  He was going crazy during the halftime dances.  He is a hoot.  He was entertaining a little crowd there for a minute.  My little up-stager.

I loved when Sammy reached for some of the girls.  He is a pretty friendly guy, but showing affection to them was just down right adorable.  I swear I don't know how every post I have ever written about anything besides my kids... morphs into a post about my kids.  It's a disease!

The head coach Miss Jordan is hilarious.  She is much younger than I am as well, but she can often bridge the gap for me.  I have been out of the drill team loop for so long... and so much has changed... that she keeps me up to speed.   We also quote a lot of Brian Regan, I wonder if any of the girls have ever wondered what in the world we are talking about.  They just seem to ignore us when we are laughing in practice.  She is a great coach and I hope to be coaching with her for FOREVER :-) This picture was after our first competition and we had a random guy take the picture... but things just got really strange, really fast.

The one person that I think is the most in love with the Waspettes... in fact I know she would beat out anyone for the number one spot is my very own 6 year old Elvis!  She is OBSESSEDDDDD with these girls.  no lie.  She asks every single stinking day when the next time is that she can see her "drill team girls."  I think hanging out with the Waspettes is a lot like being at Disneyland for this girl.  She is always right in the mix and sometimes proves to be helpful.  

I have never had Ellie so motivated to do things she needs to do if she knows that being with the Waspettes is the reward.  She gets her room clean faster than she ever has in her life.  She pretty much does whatever she is asked if she knows that drill team hangs in the balance.  It has been a lovely bargaining chip with her... thank you Waspettes!

She truly loves these girls and can't imagine her life without them.  My kids ask me often when will we be moving back to Washington.  I always tell them that I am not sure and it all depends on if daddy gets into his program at school.  Last week after she asked me when we get to move, I told her that when we do move that we won't be able to see the Waspettes, she was in immediate hysterics.  When she stopped crying she said, "I never want to move... actually I want to move, and I want them all to move with me."  Oh my daughter.  

The girls have done really well at the competitions so far, and I know they are going to finish the season really well.   They are all beautiful dancers, and I'm glad we still have the rest of this school year together.  Ellie does too!

* update: competitions are done... the Waspettes did GREAT!  More update to come

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Brimaca said...

How fun!!!! That's neat that they are all so sweet to each other. And so cute about your kids. :)