Feb 18, 2012

Nan Nats the fabulous Aunt

The other day I sent a picture of Mia to Aunt Nats.  She replied with, "how do you get such good pictures of her, and all I can get are pictures like this one?"  Attached was one of the pictures above.  I immediately started to laugh.  Mia does like to make a lot of goofy faces... a lot of the time.  Then the texts started to fill my inbox of all the pictures Nat has tried to take of my little comedian.  She had a lot of these pictures... and then this blog was born.

Nat and Mia have a special friendship.  Mia knows that Nat is in her corner and she can pretty much get whatever she asks for from "nan nats."  Nat loves her (almost as much as I do) and it's fun to have someone so enamored with my little girlie. 

Nat thanks for being the fabulous aunt that you are!  My kids have loved the "dog dogs," the girls nights, the jewelry making, the nail painting, the dog walking, the baby shower attending, the nuggling, the fancy gifts, and all the special love attention you have given to them.  They are lucky to have you.

My littles love you and so do I!!!

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Danielle said...

Oh lovely sweet auntie love. These pictures are great.