Feb 9, 2012

Santa, is that you?

I forgot about these pictures chillin' in our b-team camera.  I have the perfect story to go along with my little Santa kids. 

Sam, as you are all aware, is by far my busiest kiddo.  He is crazy busy...all day... everyday.  Lately when I am upstairs and he is downstairs he comes to find me.  I usually have about two minutes before he realizes that I am not in the room.  Mr. Speedy himself heads up the stairs to find me...all the while calling, "MOM!?  MOMA!?  MOMEEEEE!?  Once he reaches the top of the stairs he goes from room to room opening the door and yelling MOM???  There are seven rooms upstairs, and after about his third room or so he gets a little more serious.  He opens the door goes inside and in a serious voice quietly asks: "mom?"  then after a few seconds he quietly asks, "Santa?" 

I LOVE THIS! I laugh out loud every single time.  "mom?" "Santa?"  I can't get enough.   The best thing about this is that he has done this a half a dozen times!  I wonder if he is really expecting to find Santa one of these days.  I just can't get over how hilarious this is.  Santa, is that you?


Danielle said...

This is the sweetest thing I have ever heard! I love this little person.

Brimaca said...

ha ha ha!!!! so funny!