Feb 26, 2012

Scouting Night

Jense Buddy is loving Scouts.  At the blue and gold banquet he earned three belt loops... but hasn't earned his belt yet ;-)  I need to hop on the horn with getting him squared away with some scouting supplies.  You can tell I was never a scout... definitely NOT PREPARED. 

Sammers looking up to his big bro.  I love this picture!  It just depicts so much.
Sammers looks like a mini man. I love him.  My two boys... growin' up... someone hold me! :-)

It was a Chinease new year theme, and the boys all had these head bands on.  Jense got the "honor" band.  He has been wearing it off and on since that night.  

He displayed 10 of his lego creations at the banquet.  This kid is all lego. 
 One of these days we need to take him to lego land.

Jensen's group did the flag ceremony.  

Here Jense is describing all of his Lego creations.  "This one is a go-kart... the one is a jet ski... fighter jet...this one is a crane thingy... and... and... um... I don't know what this is!"  He is part comedian. 

My future little scout.  

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