Feb 18, 2012

Sundays around here

While everyone else was in Washington we got a lot done!  not really... but I did manage to take a few pictures of Mees ad Sammer after church.  Mia's expression is priceless.  She looks extra focused in this picture.  I had to post it.  Sam clearly found some treats. 

My mom is such a big part of their lives.  I wonder if they will remember everything she does for them.  It is a lot! Mia and Sam both love their Nana, and it is well deserved.  Thanks mom for everything you do for these two! 

Mia's little self... I just love her hair... her dress... her sparkly shoes.  She is my girlie girl and loves to wear pretties and do "curler hair."

"Is CODY!"   I made the kids come outside and it was probably 1 degree outside.  
Sam didn't seem to mind... look at that ridiculously adorable face.  

Sundays around here are full of church, relaxing, eating yummy food, and then relaxing some more.  I love Sundays.  I wish we had two Sundays a week.


Danielle said...

You want six hours of church a week? This makes me wonder if we truly are related. Maybe I was adopted. Nah, I was probably left on the doorstep by gypsies.

Mimi said...

HA! good point boo. I would opt for the three hours of church if I could relax the rest of the day. Weren't we both dropped off by the gypsies according to the older sisters?