Feb 18, 2012

Trip back to Washington

Mimi found 60 dollar flights to WA and we could not resist.  This was perfect timing since we weren't able to make it for Christmas and the kids were in serious need of some Washington time.  In the end it was just Jensen, Ellie and myself.  It turned out to be a really good time.  It just so happens that leaving the little monsters home is more conducive to relaxing and having conversation with other adults!

The kids were so much fun to fly with.  They were excited and it seemed that everything was fun and exciting for them.  Ellie spent half of the flight back with the sterwardesses.  She would go back and chat them up for a while, and in between socializing she would bring back a new shipment of peanuts and drinks.

Not sure what this face is all about...Probably worried that she would soon run out of peanuts. 

The first night we stayed over at my dad's house.  That was really fun since we have never really had the opportunity to stay over with Grandma and Grandpa McDonald since we had lived so close for so many years.  When we arrived at the house, we were happy to find Ryan, Shanna and their kids were there.  I hadn't met baby Caden yet and was able to get acquainted.  I took a lot of pics so I could make Mimi jealous of all my baby time.    Meanwhile, Jensen was having a good time trying out the "kinect" game console.  He was also introduced to Halo on the big screen, another smash hit. 

We had a really nice day with Dad and Carol and were able to have some delicious gourmet scrambled eggs, we did some serious fishing in uncle Joe's neat fishing boat and we played some harrowing rounds of go-fish.   We had such a good time exploiting the kids that I laughed so hard I had tears coming out my eyeballs.  The kids were fun to manipulate and COULD NOT resist picking the old maid that was all too obviously poking out of the top.

Here we are on the boat.  It was a really nice calm day for fishing. 

Later, we headed over to Thai Chili for some good eats with Dad, Carol and all six of us McDonald siblings. 

Next we headed over to grandma and grandpa Conway's house.  On our way we picked up some cousins.  I don't remember being invited to this snuggle party...

Ellie and Evie getting hair done by grandma.  I love how my mom is always fixing up cute girlie hairdo's.  I have a pretty mean french braid, but most I can't do.

Jense and Levi- a few months apart as well as a few inches apart in height.  

Ellie and Karissa. Together at last.

The annual Christmas tree torch!  An essential part of family tradition.

We were taking turns showing off different skills, and when it came to longest tongue I looked over at Jens and almost had a laughing fit as my own progeny seemingly unrolled his tongue.  Meanwhile, aunt Heather won the prize for shortest tongue in the western states.  She never would have made it had she been born a cat or anteater.

An early birthday song to Ellie

The boys are showing grandpa the ways of the DSi.  

Knocked out.

Fun with Jeff.  Always down for a good time and socializing, we were pleased that Jeff and Logan were able to come and visit with us while we were hanging out with the Eugenio's.  He turned into a one man entertainment show.  First he fried up several different veggies.  Multiple colored carrots, italian broccoli (google this, it was really cool looking and quite tastey.)  It actually tasted a lot like cauliflower.  Phase II he whipped out his tea equipment.  He had several different types of teas that were quite delicious.  It was interesting that several of the flavors were sweet even without the addition of sugar. My favorite quote for the day from Jeff was, "What can I say, I like tea parties!"  Anne and Dillon were fun to hang out with and converse with as usual.  Thanks for letting us drop in on you guys! 

And for the grand finale Jeff whipped up some bananas foster.  Ellie went hog wild over this.  The first thing she said to me the day we got home was, "I need some Foster."

We stopped by the Pierce residence to hang out, laugh, eat etc.  The kids played and it was fun to see them with their old pals.

The Dolan's have added an awesome new addition to their family, a pingpong table.  They really have a nice place for entertaining peeps.  Lots of room, big kitchen, entertainment center and good company.  I let Chris beat me down in pong...being a guest and all.

Jensen got to spend a night over at the Kovacs residence.  

I like to see Jensen getting tossed around by Levi.  Having no big brother, he needs all the toughening up he can get. 
Whoa!  Glad he made it out of this scenario in one piece.  

At the time we left Utah we had seen hardly a flake of snow all winter...and this is us living in the Utah mountains and it was already January!  Well, Washington dumped 5 inches on us while we were there.  Too funny that we had to come back to WA to get our snow fix.

Here are some of those Kovacs cousins.  We sure miss playing with you guys.

Looks like Jens build himself a bunker, ready for a snowball throwdown.

One of my favorite things about the trip was all the baby snuggling I got to do.  Making up for lost time.  Just look at these cuties. 

The entire bowling crew.  On the last day a bunch of the family was able to make it  town to the bowling alley for some good times.

The hugs goodbye were really sweet. 

That's a lot of love.

Soaking up some serious Dolan.  Look at these beauties. 

Bowl it!

A knuckle sandwich?  That's not nice. 

These guys really love to travel

Jensen was cracking me up.  On our flights, he got a lot of comments on his airforce jumpsuit and a serious double take after it sunk in that this kid was wearing bug-eyes.

It was all I could do to keep them from climbing on for a ride.  I swear they rode each escalator a dozen times.  I guess they get that from me.  I raced them going down the wrong way.  I realized you get different looks when you do that as an adult, than when you are a kid.  Interesting. 

Jensen and Ellie were sad when it was all over.  Jensen said, "Dad, it is really fun before we go to Washington, but not very fun when it is all over."

Here is must be looking at something or remembering something disgusting.

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