Feb 19, 2012

Valentines Day

I LOVE valentines day!  
I have always had a really really good valentines day. 
I have to admit... it is just my holiday.
I even had my first baby girl on this day.  
I got home from Drill Team and set up a little Valentines Breakfast for the kids.  
I always have to make sure that the other kids get attention even though it is Ellie's big day. 

Each kiddo got a balloon.  

Sammers got this little frog.  Which he promptly smothered until it was completely deflated.  It never popped... it just sort of died and then it was nothing but mylar. 

Jense wanted to make his own heart shaped pancake.  Mia wanted to watch her "snasages" cook.  Mia has always loved sausages.  I try not to give them to her very often, but it was one of our first go-to foods with her.  She needed calories and I didn't care how she got them. 

The big birthday girl- She got this new outfit that coincidentally enough both my sister and I bought for her.  She was so excited to go to school in her new fancy dress and her "two braids."  Ellie loves two braids.  We can't get away from that hair style.  I found out recently that she always wants me to do two braids because she really loves when I part her hair down the middle.  When she told me that I immediately had "ha ha moment" (for all you modern family watchers.)  I love that too!  So now I convince her to try other hair styles as long as I part her hair with the comb first.  

Nummy num num.  My kids didn't finish their breakfast... but I went from plate to plate polishing off all of their abandoned breakfasts.  Part mommy, part disposal.  I try not to shove it down for the sake of not wasting food, but this is definitely a meal not to be wasted.  I don't even like pancakes, but when they are heart shaped and covered in strawberries and whipped cream it is a heavenly meal. 

Mia and I took little cupcakes into Ellie's classroom for her birthday. 
Ellie wanted Mia to help her hand out the napkins.  Mia loved it... and so did miss Ellie.

The birthday party animal hat that all of the kids wear on their birthday.  
Miss Mia stuck around for a cupcake... but only consumed the frosting. 

Ellie girl on her big day. 

I really had no business planning both Jensen and Ellie's class parties on the same day as her birthday party, but I can't not be involved on Ellie's big day.  It turned out fine... but I had to run from classroom to classroom taking pictures.  Jense loved the Valentines party- He was beaming the whole time.  It doesn't take much to make this boy happy!

Hands down Ellie's favorite part of the class party was the cake walk.  
I mean heart walk. She was having so much fun!

I loved her response when her number was chosen.  Isn't childhood so fun??!  
She picked out a little nesting marker as her prize. 

Because I couldn't be in both classrooms daddy volunteered to come help out in Jensen's class room.  He played conversation heart bingo with the kids and made candy airplanes as well. 

After all of the games/crafts were done the kids had a snack.  
The kids had fun putting bugles on their fingers. 

After school I had a tiny sliver of time to get Ellie's party ready to go.  She had a great party (post coming soon) and crashed later that night from all of the excitement of the day. 

We had planned to have a Valentines Day Olympics after Ellie's party, but after the last kiddos left we were just too tired.  I had all the prizes ready to go, but we decided to postpone until another day.  It would have been the perfect place for a large group to play some "minute to win it" games... but it turns out I did pack too much into one day.  

We ended the day with a family dinner, dessert, and a token box of heart shaped chocolates from my dad.  My mom also gave everyone a bag of treats. Thanks mom/dad!

It was a great Valentines Day. John and I celebrated a few days back with some friends.  We went out to dinner and then went to a Paul Cardall concert.  It was really fun.  John finished off valentines with posting a ridiculous picture of me on here... and on facebook.  I'm pretty sure you will be seeing an equally embarrassing picture of him right quick. 

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Danielle said...

Great pictures. I can't wait to see the equally embarrassing picture of John.