Feb 24, 2012

Waspette Reunion

"All the single ladies... all the single ladies."  Actually, only one of us is "single," but for one night we might as well have been back in high school - single, young (cause we're so old), still dancing every morning together.  Here we are sporting our kick-line...we've still got it! :-)

It's so interesting how when you spend an evening with girls who knew you years ago it takes you right back... and makes you feel like literally no time has passed.  We had a really good time.  A few girls brought their scrapbooks that had more pictures in it then I have of my entire high school experience.  Some of the pictures I could have done without seeing... but it was good for a laugh!  I have missed these girls and it was so fun to get together!  Our plan is to get together every year and hopefully recruit some more girls next year.  I also planned some trivia and Taylor and I brought some prizes.  Some of the girls coming were sick, soooo everyone got a prize- yay! 

Due to the over abundance of photos, there were some old team pictures.  This is a re-creation of the poses we were assigned for one of our big team photos.  I didn't get my pose quite right... but close enough.  Thanks so much for a wonderful night ladies!  We really covered all the bases with our conversations, and I loved hearing about each of your lives. I'm so glad you could all make it!! 
Go Waspettes!


Nicole said...

Thanks Mimi!!! You are so awesome for putting this together. It was tons of fun. I didn't realize how much I missed you and all the other ladies, Waspettes are so incredible!

Brimaca said...

That's fun!