Mar 20, 2012

Before the Steroids

Mia's steroids have pretty much kicked her energy into hyper-drive.  She runs around, acts crazy, and has an extra dose of goofiness.  It is all pretty entertaining really.  There have been a few moments of needing to blame her behavior on the steroids, but she has been fun fun fun for the most part. 

I took these pictures of her and Ellie probably a month before her biopsy.  Mia had a ton of energy then too.  She ran around the entire night with more energy than usual. 

I really could not get the girl to calm down.  She just wanted to go go go.  I loved all of her enthusiasm, so I just watched... and took pictures of course! :-)

After the Waspettes performed at half time, the cheerleaders also did a dance.  As soon as she saw them out there with the pom-pom's she was determined to try them out. 

I had to ask one of the cheerleaders if Mia could give it a go.  She was adorable.  I taught her how to say and do the actions to "go fight win."  I wish I had a video camera.  She just steals my heart.  She was so happy with that pom-pom in her hand.  I'm holding out for her to be a Waspette, but after seeing the look on her face waving that pom-pom around, I'll be happy with whatever she picks.

My chiquita's having a blast at "Waspettes." 

Ellie is on cloud nine with these girls.  I think I made all of her dreams come true when I signed up to help coach these girls. She counts down the days when she gets to see them, and asks if I can wake her up in the morning when i go... so she can come along. 

When it was time to leave Mia chose the ground to do a stand-off.

At first I thought she had fallen, but when i got closer I just saw the faraway look in her eyes.  She was sad... she didn't want to leave... and this was her way of letting me know.

I was half shocked that she was silently mourning our departure.  The other half of me just wanted to stay there... for as long as she wanted.  Mia is just the sweetest kid.  You could call it a tantrum if you must, but she just rested her face on her hands with a sad look on her face.  I couldn't get enough of her protest.  All of this emotion... even without any steroids. 

After letting her be the sweetest little sad girl for a few minutes I bribed her with a treat in the car.  Nothing like good 'ol fashioned bribery.  It seems to work wonders with her.  She quickly jumped up and marched off to the car.  

We are on her last taper of steroids and will find out on Thursday how long we have to keep her on them.  I am hoping not for very much longer.  I want to go back to the silent protesting girl. :-)

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Brimaca said...

I wish I would silently protest when I was sad. :) I am loud and so are my kids! Anyway, she's so cute and it's inching closer to July when I get to see her. Woot Woot!