Mar 30, 2012

Can we get a punch card?

Last Thursday we went back to PCMC for a check-up.  Mia brought along her favorite dolly. I'm pretty sure she could not get any sweeter! She wanted to feed it, and diaper it, and held it like... well THAT (above).  I'm glad she had her baby because the blood draw was really difficult this time.  She usually handles it well, but most likely due to the steroids, she was super upset and kept yelling, "MOM!!!!" I felt mean, and not nice. The team didn't really have any new info for me.  They were going to talk about her in the big group meeting and let me know what they decide.  They decided to keep her on steroids for another few weeks.  I was hoping that we would taper off and be done with this whole rejection mumbo-jumbo, but it turns out that's not in the cards.  Mia has to go back for another biopsy.  AAAHHH!  I am totally bummed.  I don't want her to get poked anymore.  Her last cath left over five little scars on just one leg.  I know it is a necessary evil, but I just want someone to invent some way to test pressures in the heart without having to access my little baby girl.  I guess technically they are going to re-biopsy and that can only be done by taking tiny samples of tissue.  I just don't like it!  She is the most adorable thing... why is it always the cute ones that endure the most? 

To explain just how sweet this little peanut is I will document our experience during our time in the echo room.  Mia is a champ during her echo's.  Sometimes she gets chatty with the person doing the echo, and sometimes she just watches the show playing.  After her echo was finished it was momma's turn to get an echo.  As soon as I was lying down waiting for the Belva to come back in Mia immediately started consoling me. "Mommies turn ok?"  "Mommy have a turn... ok?" "gotta look at da hart." "ok? ok? ok mom? ok?"  

Toward the middle of my echo she kept stating, "almost done.  almost done ok?"  "ready to go?"  I couldn't get over the fact that she kept telling me, "almost done" as if to encourage me to just hold on.  She is such a darlin. 

When we were finally finished (mine take a lot longer) she said, "mom, you deed it!"  "deed it mom" "all done mom!"

I could not love her more. 


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh what a sweetie! you have taught her well. so sorry she and you have to go through more testing. hang in there. sending prayers your way! love you.

Brimaca said...

Wow! That is the cutest thing ever! She's so sweet.

The Seare Family said...

So sorry to hear about more testing for darling Mia. I will keep her in my prayers. Her words of comfort to you brought tears to my eyes what a little sweetheart!