Mar 30, 2012

Girl Friends

I got to see some of my favorite people from high school a few months back.  Whit and Shelley, it was great catching up! I can't wait to do it again.  

Another favorite person came into to town with her cute cute kids.  We tried to play at the park but it was just too cold- and no one had a coat.  We ended up playing at the house.  We swapped "Ellies" for this picture.  Mia looks so happy- I love that expression!

We both named our girls Ellie.  My Ellie talks about her Ellie from time to time asking when she can play with the "other Ellie."  Sadly, they do not live here, but hopefully will visit enough so we can get these girls together.  I think Erin's Ellie looks exactly like her momma.  Ellie happened to have a little friendship necklace she had been saving.  She gave the other half to Ellie.  Everyone wanted to eat them so they didn't last long, but it was super sweet. 

It feels like yesterday that we were running around causing all sorts of trouble in high school.  So much time has passed and now we all have children.  Lots and lots of children. :-)

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Brimaca said...

Yes, her Ellie looks exactly like her. Such cute kiddos.