Mar 13, 2012

Ice Fisherman

The Catch of the Day!  
I am referring to my boy in case you thought I was implying the fishie. 

He is quite the looker!  Again, not the fish! :-) 

The snow doesn't stop Jense and his Pa from going fishin.  Jensen has gone Ice fishing with his grandpa a couple times this season.  The fist time he came back he said that he heard a big booming sound that sounded like a bomb going off.  I guess the ice was cracking so they called it a day.  That scares me... a lot.  This boy sure likes to fish though.  The fish is sooo good too.  I could eat it all day.  My dad made caught 8 fish yesterday, and I think I personally ate half of them.  So yummy, so good for you, and free!

  Never thought I'd be counting on my 8 year old to be providing dinner so much.  Way to go Jense!

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Danielle said...

I feel like it is 80 degrees outside. Where is there ice this March?