Mar 7, 2012

Mia and Sam... and hair... and chockit

My twosies sitting at the bar for a little lunchie.  I still have no idea why my pictures come out partially corrupted.  Why?  why?  If you can tell me I just might have to give you a fancy reward.  It's driving me CRAZY!!!

Sammy's "stink face."  He makes this face often and breathes in and out heavily.  He is just a little toddler monster who likes to do little monster things.  He is noisy and loud and busy.  My mom keeps a vat of nutella at her house and so I spread on graham crackers for the kids.  Mia calls it "chockit" and likes to play in it before she takes a bite.
Sam just dives right in and leaves the evidence on his little mug.

Soooo proud of herself.  If we tell Mia to do something that she is not ready to do.. she will immediate respond, "because" in a very sweet and dainty voice.  It's so funny.
"Mia please eat your food and be all done playing in it."
Mia: "because."  I think it is her way of politely declining your request. 

I'm trying to keep the camera handy when Mia's hair is first done.  I have noticed a trend on this blog... she is always looking, or her hair rather, is looking like she's has no mother.  I enjoy doing her hair.  a lot.  It just doesn't last, so I am taking picture of it so I  have proof that I do did indeed make her look decent from time to time.

The mommy hair-do blogs are addicting.  Mia loves the hearts... I think it is pretty stinkin' cute myself.  I just wish her fancy do's would stay.  They last about half and hour then her thin hair just starts sneaking out and forming a feathered mess in front of her face.

Not much to report in the Sam Department.  
His obsessions are his "blantee" "dog" "beaw" and "Whimes"
Sam could watch starfall nursery rhymes for hours.  
They have like 48 nursery rhymes on a loop... he can sing some of them now which is worth all the screen time.  I love hearing him sing "this old man."  He sings... "dog a bowm."
They have a lot of other equally fabulous things on starfall - it is part of our daily routine around here. 

I always wanted an attachment baby.  I finally got one... on my last go around. 
He hauls his blanket everywhere... and will not sleep without it. 
Maybe someday I will not like it, but watching him so in love with his blanket is my mommy dream come true. 

Although she is wearing the same shirt, this is a totally different day... I swear!  Only a crazy person would un-do a hair do on a squirmy 3 year old, just to start another one.  

She liked the braid... I like how her hair is out or her face. 

Ok, now I feel better about her appearance on this here blog.  
Maybe I'll start a hair journal... na! That's NEVER gonna happen. 
Maybe I should start sprinkling flax seed meal on some of my children's meals... 
Maybe I should start rubbing oils on their feet every night...
Maybe I should teach them the music scale....

There are so many things I want to do... but they happen here and there, and never enough to seem like it's making any kind of difference. 

These two spend so much time together.  I love having another little brother/sister buddy repeat. 
They are not found apart... until nap time. 
Sammers calls Mia "Mah-na!"  Mia calls Sam, "Sammy"
When Mia does something to Sam that he doesn't like he will come over to me and say, "Mah-na mean...Mah-na mean!"  Then he will call her "Meana" for awhile.  I don't think he purposely knows that he created a handy nickname, but it sure is funny. 

One more hair do.  Another heart... but with a pony tail.  I was going to use this picture for a CHD awareness blog, but never got around to it.  I love the hearts.  Mia now requests them, and I willingly grant her the "hart in na haiw."


Stefenie said...

Very cute pictures and I love the hair dos!

Katie said...

I love reading your updates...such cute do's! So sorry Mia is in some rejection. Yuck! Hopefully spring is on it's way & you can enjoy lots of time outdoors since you'll be avoiding germy places. Your kiddos are darling as always. Hugs to you!