Mar 9, 2012

Mia's fancy nancy clinic day

Mia's follow-up went well.  Aunt Nats bought her this adorable outfit, which she of course loves to pieces because it is "puulpuul."  We saw another little heart girl about her age wearing the exact same dress.  I didn't know who it was or I would have definitely taken a picture of the two of them.
Thanks Nats, for the fancy outfit!  

Now that we have her cute out fit covered... we can move on to the medical bit.

Jugular Vein Distension. That is the term I could not remember.  There is another name for it, but that is what it all boils down to.
Mia's high pressures along with JUGULAR VEIN DISTENTION were the determining factors for her rejection.  No thanks JVD... no thanks!

After Mia's echo and blood draw we had a surprise visitor- daddy! 
His classroom is two buildings away, so he can zip over between classes. On a completely different note, I never did update on if he got the job or not.  Remember THIS post?  Well, he did in fact get the job and has been working at PCMC since November.  He has since told them about this, and they said they didn't even notice his resume being off.  I forgot to update, and have had some people ask me.  So, yes... he still got the job... even after that! 

Mia was the perfect patient for her "owie pokes." I love the child life here... she blew bubbles, and was highly distracted during all of the owchies.  When we made it back to the clinic someone was playing an early April Fool's joke because all of the cords for the blood pressure machines were missing.  The nurse had to take her blood pressure manually.  I can't remember anyone ever taking her blood pressure manually.  There is a first time for everything! 


After Mia's appointment John and I headed over to a nearby college to talk to a group of nursing students.  We shared her story... I ended up talking most of the time because I'm chatty like that.  Mia was a total ham the entire time.  She ran back and forth in the front of an auditorium style classroom and acted pretty much like a toddler... on steroids. :-)  She was not shy at all, and waved to everyone proudly when we walked in the room.  It' safe to say that everyone loved her.   
She is just a little ball of personality and is so fun to watch. 
I jump at any chance I have to advocate for Organ Donation Awareness.  Having Mia run around so full of life and spend the 30 minutes flirting with the class is more more influential than anything I could possibly say!!

When we got home Mia zonked right out.  
Hospital days (even though we weren't there very long) are so tiring.
My babies never fall asleep in my lap after they turn like 9 months old.  I could sit for hours with one of my little crazies in my lap... sawing logs.  I loved it.  

So, no changes really... we're just going to stay the course with these steroids and keep praying!
The steroids have been interesting this time around.  They warn you about wild temper tantrums, and she has had a few, but what has really kicked into gear is her affection.  She wants to give kisses to everyone... all the time.  She randomly kisses me on the forehead at least 10 times a day.  She wants hugs all the time, and makes the cuddling/ cozy noises.  She gives Sammy kisses, and pretty much anyone who is interested.  This is good and bad.  I love her sudden interested in smooches, but I don't want her to get any germs from all of the besos.   For now I will just close my eyes and hope she stays healthy... I don't have the heart to say, "no kissing your baby brother!" :-)


Melynda said...

Cute post. Mariska need for affection was kicked into hyper drive on her 2nd rejection. Nothing like having your face smashed in with a big ol' smooch. Hope they can get her rejection under control soon!

Heart hugs
Mariska's mom 4 (HLHS post Transplant 7/18/2010)

Fancy Nancy kids party favors said...

Adorable family!