Mar 20, 2012

Wedding Bells

A friend of mine was married a few weeks back.  It was a beautiful wedding.  It was a fun little getaway for me and I got to spend some time with the ladies from Washington.  Monica was a Washington girl, but now lives in Utah.  I'm thrilled I was part of her big day.  

I took John's truck and thought it necessary to document how Carrie and Anna had to ride with everything on top of them because John's second home is his truck.  There was so much stuff in there, that the girls had to get creative... and it looks like Anna has the wedding dress on her lap.  I know it is not the wedding dress because it was on Monica, but these girls were buried.  I felt bad, but definitely got a good laugh.

Speaking of a good laugh.  Rebecca and I did an interview with Trevor (groom) the day before the wedding and I don't think I have laughed that hard in probably... I don't know... a long time.  It was painful laughter.  He was and still is HILARIOUS.  Aside from John he might be the funniest husband yet.  We asked him random questions and then asked him another question that would produce a completely ridiculous answer to the first question.  We spliced together to original question with the second answer and let me just say... it doesn't get any better than this.  We showed the video at the bachelorette party... and laughed and laughed some more. He even did the chicken dance for us... ya know, because it is "their song."  I highly recommend doing this if you are having a friend getting married.  We might of had more fun than "the law allows." 

We had some time to kill and did some pre-wedding shopping.
Seeing this picture makes me sad. I wish I could beam people to me... whenever I wanted.
There is definitely a void in my life without my friends.  

No wedding would be complete with out some pampering.  I am so glad to have these pictures because I left my small camera at this nail salon.  It was retrieved days later... still there.  Hooray for honest people.  I can't believe the amount of things I have lost/had stolen this year.  It's more than the last decade I'm sure. I just can't seem to keep track of really important things.  Why? why?

I love weddings.  It was such a long awaited, lovely, happy, joyous day.  There could not have been a more beautiful bride.  Monica is such a fabulous person.  She is fun, stylish, generous, lovely, and every other positive descriptive word... and ultra crafty.  I can't say enough about the girl... and Trevor is one lucky boy to have found such a beautiful woman.  He pretty much won the lottery... and I think he knows it.  He adores her, and it just makes me happy in my heart.
I just know they are going to have the best life together! 
congrats you two!

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