Apr 10, 2012

Choo- Choo Train Party

Sammer Jam party post!  We went to Park City to explore.  Sam was in toddler heaven at the ride on toy place.  He went from ride to ride holding onto steering wheels, making engine noises, and moving his body as if he were actually riding a horse.  It was adorable to watch, and I'm going to have to return to this place often.  He didn't not want to leave.  Luckily he wanted his bouncy ball and I instated the art of distraction and we finally got out of there.

Sammers has a small obsession with trains... so a train party was definitely the way to go for this little man of mine.  He helped me make his own cake.  He dumped everything into the bowl...turned the Kitchen-aid on and off... and licked the spoon.  He pretty much did everything except for put it in the oven and take it out.  He went down for a nap during the decorating.  I think it would have looked a little different had he been awake.

My little man is 2- It is just crazy talk.  Next year there will be a three on his cake, and you will find me in my bed, most likely in the fetal position in disbelief.  My babies are leaving me... It's just not ok. 

Ellie helped make this car of the cake.  She got really into it. When the pattern wasn't perfect she wanted to start over.  I convinced her that perfection is not the goal... just a yummy cake for Sammy.
Sam Car.  The older he gets the more I love his name.  I just love him... and I love that his name is Sam.  It suits him so well. 
Meana was happy lassoing balloons for the evening.  Auntie Nats did "two braids" in her hair for the party.   She loves "two braids."
I don't know what to say about this picture... other than the fact that i love it!  The look on his face is awesome. 
Is this coloring over yet?

His little angelic face.  Ellie helped him color.  Of course she did. :-)

Sam decided that his new love is Nats.  He has always had a thing for brunettes, but on his birthday he was all about Nat.  When we got home from his party Sam insisted that Nat sing her songs for ni-night.  It was so adorable because he has never requested anyone besides those who lives in this house.  You better believe we called her to sing to the birthday boy.  She sang him some lullabies over the phone- how sweet is that?  The next morning the first thing out of his mouth was: "augnt (want) Nat"
He kept saying it.  Too bad she was in Vegas. I just might have taken him to see her because I am so fostering this love affair.  I feel like Mia has had dibs on Nats, but Sammers is slowly moving in.  Whatever will she do with two of the most adorable people vying for her attention.  As you can see from the pics... she can handle them both.

To make the party fun, true to Sammies style- we played one for the money.  His favorite game EVER.  We have to put limits on "money" because he will literally insist on playing for hours.

The line for Money could not be cuter.  Once we said "three to let go" all of these girlies would jump up and say, "my turn." 

So many customers that we had to get two "money" stations going.  Sammers was in Heaven.

I posted this picture already, but look how sweet he is?  He is so happy that it is  his big chance.  

He blew out his candles after a few tries.  Way to Go Sammers!

Obligatory family pic. I have tried to get family pics at all birthdays.  I think I have them all... except for their actual births of course.  Ahem!

First thing off of the cake was the sucker.  Sam did not waste any time.  

So happy to be living near my mom and sisters.  One sis (Suz) is pregnant- major bonus for me too.  Suz, are you having twins?  ;-) I really need some newborn snuggle time in my life.  Mia wanted to be in the picture.  The other day she asked me to take a picture of her.  I enthusiastically accepted the challenge.  I usually have the camera in her face so much that she need not request.

My little train conductor.  Thanks Papa for the hat and mini bandanna. 

I see these photo in a photo pics everywhere. I've never take one... because I don't have a fancy phone.  Mia sure is a smiler.  

Sam loved all of his gifts!  The funny thing is... I don't think he has ever watched an episode of Thomas the train in his life.  It is my least favorite cartoon (they are so grouchy and complain non stop) that I nixed it when Jense was a toddler.  He does love chuggington- and of course toy trains. He loves his new train toys, cute clothes, bubble maker, and band aids.

He also got a ride on train.

He loves this thing.  I knew he would... it is a train first of all, it has buttons, it makes music, it has a cargo hold, and you ride it.  What more could a two year old ask for?

When we got home from the party he wanted to re-enact his big moment.  He kept singing and blowing towards the cake.  I should have lit some more candles for my sweet boy, but didn't know where I'd placed them.  He seemed content to pretend... so I let him.  I love how his blowing is really just him making the "F' sound.

Nana quilted this super cute wall hanging for us.  The middle square is interchangeable so whomever is having a  birthday gets the personalized square in the middle.  Sammy loves it.  My mom is so crafty.  I never would have thought of something so clever.  You can't see the detail very well in this picture, but the quilting is fancy.  I think it's time to take some classes from Nana!


Danielle said...

Fancy cake, fancy quilt.

Shelley Eggett said...

I want to cry! He can't be that old already. He's pretty much the cutest little boy I know.

Brimaca said...

Oh I can't wait to see him this summer. He really is a gorgeous kid. His lil' smile and cowlick (sp?)...to die for.