Apr 9, 2012

Easter Dying oh12

Dying Easter eggs- Jense is all business when it comes to his egg designs.

Sammers just wants to "pud id in!!"  

Mia is generally fond of all things purple, but for some reason she wanted to dye all of her eggs red.  When I tried to help her put some in different colors she kept saying, "no... red one."  

Tickled Pink- waiting on the red.

Sammers eggs.  He is such a hoot.  When the egg came out of the dye he would exclaim, "oooooo!"
This kid is excited about pretty much everything.  Except for loud noises. 

Ellie who is really into proclaiming her love for her family members made eggs that display, "I love dad" "I love mom" "Sam" and "Mia."  She sat at the dying table long after everyone was finished.  She took her time and made each one special.

Dying Eggs with four children by myself was quite the adventure.  We managed to keep most of the dye in the cups... most of it. John was there for about 30 seconds before he raced off to work, basically long enough for me to take a picture.  I love dying Easter eggs.  John loves eating them. win win.

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