Apr 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny was a little slackery this year.  All of our Easter baskets are in storage... I'm blaming that for my laziness. :-) Sam doesn't know any better, and was pumped about the goodies in his basket.

He was adorable going around the house finding all of the eggs.  When he found this one in the plant he refused to pick it up.  He said, "scary."  After a run in with the car alarm he is now deathly afraid of pretty much everything.  He won't get the egg out of the plant... that's pretty mild to me, but apparently he has an intense fear.

Ells climbed a tree to find this egg.  My favorite, and the kids as well are the money eggs.  When they found a money egg,  they would run to each other in celebration. All of the money found in all of the money eggs went directly into the go-kart fund.  Mia didn't even know what was happening and then the money from her egg was gone. She is pretty easy going and usually up for whatever her siblings are doing.

It was a little chilly Easter morning, so Mia opted for the hat. 

Sammy once again, refused to pick up the egg... because it was... you guessed it, "scary." 

Mia had no problem getting the eggs that Sammy left behind. 

After church we took a few pictures. Ells loves this dress.  It is her flower girl dress from my sisters wedding.  It still fits perfectly.  She doesn't grow... none of my kids do for that matter.  EXCEPT Sammers- he is a growing machine.  I haven't measured, but I think he weighs more than Mia.

My cute little family... and parents.  John Boy worked all night long, so he couldn't join us. 

Happy Easter!!

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