Apr 20, 2012

Germ Detectives

John boy had clinicals at the health department in Park City. They used this powder stuff to demonstrate how easily germs can spread and how inadequate hand washing doesn't get rid of the germs. He brought home the powder and the lights and let the kids have a hay day. It's non toxic- they put it in popcorn to demonstrate how germs can get everywhere just from eating.

The kids had a lot of fun!  John was the artist.  

Mia loved looking at her glowy face in the mirror.  
It was hilarious to watch her look at herself. 

Jensen wants to put some all over the wall and get a night light like the one John brought home.  Jense is always thinking what he could potentially do with something.  Love it.

Ells- She asked for a butterfly... this is what she got.  I think next go around mommy will be the artist and dad can take the pictures.  Sammy was asleep, so we will have to get to him next time.  This is definitely not the last time our kids will have fun with this stuff.

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