Apr 22, 2012

Girls Weekend... in FORKS

Warning: Long post. I guess most of my posts are long... but this one is essstra long.

The girls on John's side of the family met up for the annual girls weekend.  Our first stop was in Port Gamble.  We ate at this adorable little restaurant inside a beautiful building.  Not sure what the name of it was, but I LOVED the architecture.  The building was really old. I am amazed how how beautiful old buildings are on the inside.  It just seems it was more of an art form back then, and now it is just... well not.  I'm sure there are beautiful recent structures, I just don't get out much.

This little town is the most quaint little place ever.  If you ever have a chance to go. I highly recommend it. Oh, and the sauce they give you with their sweet potato fries is pretty much to die for. 

My sis in law Shanna is a hoot.  Love her to death.  She is one girl on a mission with this company.  She just earned herself a fancy car! Way to go sis!

All of the ladies. Like most things in Western Washington, this place is next to the sound. 

We just hit this little town on our way to FORKS.  Yes, yes Forks. I know.  I was skeptical, but if you are going to just basically stay in a cabin for a weekend, forks is the perfect place.  It is not warm by any stretch, but we stayed warm inside.  Now that I've been there I am a big fan of Forks.  

We stayed across the street from Jacob's house.  This house was the most believable to me... not that any of the movie was filmed there, but I could imagine Jacob's home looking like that.  It even had a wheelchair ramp.

Once we got settled, all of the kid free mom's got a little crazy.  Jumping from bed to bed was the first thing on the list.  The kids (mom's) didn't get hurt... which was a nice change from the usual bed jumping that goes on at home.

They also had a tire swing behind the cabin.  I'm pretty sure I heard a pack of wolves while I was back there swinging.  Or maybe it was the crazy sounding sheep.  
Or maybe it was a wolf in sheep's clothing. :-) Ok, that was a reach.

La Push was beautiful!  Again, wasn't too jazzed about going to La Push, but am so glad we did.  If you look closely in the water you can see a seal.  He kept bobbing around... it was neat to watch him.

Me and "Beeps." We were hopping to get a picture with the seal- he was hiding. 

This is what happens when you try and take a picture by yourself.  Extreme closeup!

La Push beach.  It really was so beautiful. I wish I had taken my nice camera once we got to the beach.  I just hate hauling that thing around.  Love these ladies!

Whale watching.  We really saw a whale. We watched him for a long time.  I was surprised how close he was to the shore.  I took a bunch of video for the kids.  When I showed them, they weren't as excited about it as I was watching it live. 

JM + MM  Beach art. 

Hellllo Edward. Fancy seeing you here in Forks.  Notice I put this after the beach art?  he he. 

Now for all of you that will never make it to forks- here is the grand tour... it takes about 10 minutes round trip in a car. :-) The visitors center had Bella's truck parked out front. 

The Cullen Residence- looked nothing like I imagined it in the book.

A little note from Esme on the front door.

All of Edwards Graduation Caps

Bella's Home-

We did drive past the high school and hospital... but I'll spare you.

It was such a wonderful time! I truly was.  I miss all the ladies of Washington. Luckily we have this yearly retreat.  I even got to meet my little nephew Logan... so precious!

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Brimaca said...

I love that you have a girls weekend. I want to do this with my s-i-laws but I don't think they'd travel very far...I'm going to have ot think on this more.