Apr 4, 2012

My Mini Waspettes

One of the perks of my job is letting my girlies run around having the time of their lives.  At the end of the season, the Waspettes host a clinic.  Both of my girls were so excited about being "mini waspettes." Mia... as you can see loves to do her own thing.

Ellie and two of the girls.  A few nights ago she woke up crying for one of the girls on the drill team.  I think it is super sweet... and sad... and a titch funny all at the same time.  I tried to show compassion, but I couldn't stop smiling.  She really loves these girls. 

Ellie's group practiced in the gym.  The song they danced to was, let's hear it for the boy. I have always enjoyed that song.  She was curious why we are cheering for boys, but I told her the song is about Mickey Mouse.  It is in my book. 

Mia was free as a bird during practice.  She would have NONE of it. 

Her idea of learning the dance was running around non stop, and making goofy faces in the mirror.  Oh, and playing in the water fountain of course.  She was her own biggest fan, and didn't stop moving the entire time.  Partially due to the steroids I'm sure.

She did participate a little hear and there... emphasis on the little. 

When I was busy talking to a friend she managed to find a 20 dollar bill.  She found it in my purse.  When I asked her where she got it she said, "In there!"  pointing to my purse.  I asked her, "Did you find twenty dollars?.... lucky day!"  She replied with an enthusiastic "YES!"  When I asked her to put it back she said, "I need twenty dollars."  This is hilarious because I can count on two hands how many times this girl has been in a store. 

The girls brought treats for the participants.  Mia decided to pick two.  She said she needed one for her and one for Sammy.  Does this remind you of anyone?  She is turning to a little mommy just like her big sis.  Thinking of her baby bro... that's my girl! 

How could anyone resist giving this face another candy?  She did in fact hold onto it and deliver it to her little brother.  Sammy was pumped.

My two little dancer girls

The clinic went a few few days before the actual performance.  Ellie loved getting dressed in ballet clothes, but once we made it to the high school she was convinced that her tutu was see through, and wanted to change.  Oh the joys of a mother who's daughter is extremely fashion conscious.  Once I did a fair share of threatening she and convincing she got out there and had a wonderful time.  

I pretty much couldn't hold back the tears when Mia was out there with her group.  She didn't dance... she didn't really move all that much.  She walked back and forth a little, but because she didn't learn the dance she just kind of stood there.  She was happy to stand there and thought it was a hoot.  I never thought I would see the day that miss Mia would be "performing" a little dance routine.  My life is complete!! :-)

Ells ate it up.  Once we got over the tutu... she lite right up.  Ellie is such a fun girl when she is doing something she loves.  It's a true joy for me to watch her have so much fun.  The Waspette clinic was such a treat, and she is already talking about next year.  Stay tuned for the actual performance... yes this was just the practice post. :-) 

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Beth said...

Little mia melts my heart. So cute. I love reading about her, hearing about her, learning about her. I wish I could talk to her. Hold her. Hug her. Kiss her. Listen to her sweet voice. I love you mia!