Apr 27, 2012

A request from my boy

Jense marched in last night and told me he had something awesome to show me.  He proudly showed me his latest lego creations.  I take a lot of pictures of his lego creations, but this one is different because of the question that went along with the reveal....

With his face beaming with pride he asked me, "Mom?  Do you have time to do a blog about these?"

For you Jense, I have all the time in the world!  

I love my lego boy and I love how he loves to show me ALL the cool things he makes.  He has developed quite the creting bug.  He has something different attached to the top off all of his remote control cars every other day.  He has asked me every day this week to go the recycling center so he can makes something out of "old things." Our recycle pile doesn't keep him busy enough. :-)
He is such a fun and rewarding son! 
 I also love that he requested that I blog (my hobby) about it.

Love you Jense!

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Those are some awesome Lego creations Jense! Keep on building! :)