Apr 1, 2012

Sammers turns 2 TODAY!

Who stole my baby and replaced him with this guy? 

Just a few tidbits about Sammer ~ He is terrified of the garbage truck.  If he is safe and sound in the house, he gets excited to watch the dumpster rise high in the air, but if he happens to be outside it is another story.  Sam cried so much on Thursday from the garbage truck that he did his alarming turn blue and pass out business.  He has not done this in months, but he was really upset.  I guess I can sort of see why he is scared.  A huge truck... (massive to him) comes barreling down the hill toward the house breaks squeaking loudly at each stop leading up to the house.  He is my sensitive little man... and I love how he is a little scaredey cat.  The sad part is sometimes I don't that he is crying, because he doesn't breathe in when he is crying that hard, and he doesn't make a sound.  We'll have to go outside for some garbage truck therapy this summer.  Sweet kid!

He is big into birthdays! Lucky for him his was coming up these last few weeks.  I don't know if it is so much birthdays as it is the birthday song.  He finds random tea lights throughout the house and he will bring it to me and sing the entire happy birthday song.... holding the candle. "Hatty burdaaaaay to me, Hatty burdaaay to me, Hatty burdaaaaay to Sammy, Hatty burdaaaay to me."  The fact that he knows to change the pronoun from "you' to "me" is impressive in this mommies book.  He also calls all candles "hatty burday."  Sometimes Mia and Sam get into squabbles over the battery operated tea lights and he will say, "Meana!  Hatty burdaaay Sammy!!!" 

Sammers loves singing, dancing, and playing with his siblings.  Anytime there is music on he runs into the room exclaiming, "dance! dance!"  Then he leans forward and starts moving his head around as if he were painting on a wall with a paintbrush attached to his head.  It is hilarious.  He gets his arms working too... it is quite the site. He has a crazy run/dance that he does on a daily basis.  He doesn't move very far when he's doing it, but his legs are going a mile a minute.

My little guy loves his: Blantee (blankey) Nana, Ba, Chopit (chocolate milk), Meana (Mia), Toes (toast), Tease (cheese) Middie Mouse (Mickey Mouse) Beaw (teddy bear) Money (one for the money) Dense/Eddie (Jense, Ellie) Nakes (snakes) Tubby, Too Too Tchrain, WADEE! (water). 

Sammy also loves to get his shoes on.  This means he gets to go outside.  He is my outside kid.  He wants to be outside all the time.

Every time I put Sammy down for bed we sing songs and then I say the following and he repeats it to me.  " Love you - Wub you, your'e the best- da besss, nigh-night- ni nipe, see you in the morning- muuhning"  I wonder if there will ever be a day that we don't say this.  I'm sure there will be, but not any time soon.  I still say it to Jense... so I've got some time. 

Sammers, you are the funnest little two year old around.  We love you so much and our lives would be entirely different without you.  Thank you for the Joy you bring our entire family.  I Love you so!!

Big birthday post coming soon!  


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

So it is official. I'm two weeks behind on Betsey's birthday post. Happy, happy birthday Sam!!! Just the other day I was teasing Alice about having a boyfriend and when I told her only one girl in our house had a boyfriend (meaning her) she said, "No, Betsey has a boyfriend too...SAM!" I guess the sisters have that match made forever. Since their first kisses on Betsey's first birthday party. A few prom poses. Those were good days. We can't wait to see Sammers outside, running around, dancing and talking up a storm. We'll have to watch some Middie Mouse with him.

Brimaca said...

Wow! Two! He's so sweet. So sad, it's flying by.

Danielle said...

I love him, and want to steal him everyday. Happy birthday Sam.