Apr 23, 2012

Two Extremes

We went to clinic yesterday.  I went up to visit a friend and when I met John in the cafeteria he gave me the super yucky crappy news that Mia needed another biopsy in TWO WEEKS! What?  How many times can we poke this girl?  Seriously!?!  She is such a sweetie pie... I just want to leave her be for five minutes.  I am extremely sad she needs another one so soon.  I just feel awful when she wakes up from anesthesia and then has owies for the days following.  I just feel mean. 

Mia was being so goofy at lunch.  She kept making these goofy faces, so we joined in.  The women sitting at the next table over was quite entertained by miss Mia.  I love having daddy in the next bldg over.  He comes to meet us for lunch when we have appointments.

Yesterday the nurse asked me, "Is she always this sweet?"  She was being extra adorable chatting up the nurse and having comments for every little thing the nurse was doing to her.  "Oh, that's a sticky one" "Oh, it's squeezy."  I honestly answered Yes! She really is that sweet!

I am so sorry sweet girl that I have to take you back.  I promise it is the last one for awhile. Hopefully this next biopsy comes back with zero rejection.  In the mean time we will work on getting your white blood cell count up... cause it keeps dropping.  

Even though this is biopsy scheduling is not fabulous news, we do have something exciting going on in Mia's world.  She is..... drum roll..... POTTY TRAINED!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!  I am so excited.  She has been going in the potty for over a year now and due to a recent medicine change...has now mastered the whole potty thing.  I am just beyond thrilled.  This is EXTREMELY good news! You did it girl. Despite all the yucky medicine that causes all sorts of lovely GI issues- you did it!!


Jenn said...

Wahoo for no poopy bums to clean...well at least one less, right?!

Brimaca said...

Yay Mia on potty training!!! Woot Woot! She is so precious! Getting more and more excited to see her in a couple of months.

Holen Family said...

What a cutie! Good job on the potty and fingers crossed for no rejection. Go Mia!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

ya for potty training! that is wonderful. praying her biopsy is fabulous! miss you and your wonderful family! give everyone hugs for me!