May 4, 2012

1.1.0 ... you can't get better than this.

Sweetest little face waiting for her 3rd biopsy.  She is always in the best spirits early in the morning.  Mia is definitely a morning person.  My sister Nat gave us these fabulous curlers that take no time at all to put in.   Post coming soon... seriously, every mom NEEDS these.

Dad had to work, but because they do cardiac kids first he was able to hang out with us before his shift.  Mia got in some last minute snuggles with her daddy. 

One of Mia's signature Mia-isms is how she will hold your face when she is talking to you.  My friend who was watching her last night told me how much she loved how Mia would hold her face in her hands while she was talking to her.  I love it, but it seems to be catching on with others as well.  Could she be any more precious?  Daddy is all ears!

 Mia wanted to ride in the bed on the way to the cath lab.  She was chatting up the nurse, telling her all about her curlers and then she volunteered the information that she had a heart transplant.  I was kind of shocked.  We talk about her angel heart and Jacob frequently, but I have never heard her utter the words, "heart transplant" in her life.  It was a bizarre minute for me to process that she knows the term heart transplant.  I suppose Ellie does announce it to pretty much everyone we ever meet.  Mia I'm sure has picked up on it from our little announcer bunny Ellie.  I had to turn on the video part of the camera and get her to say it again.  Here is the clip:

 I was so surprised with her announcement to the nurse that I didn't catch that she was going on about two mommies.  I have no idea why she was saying "two mommies," but the nurse just rolled with it, an I didn't correct here.   It does make me laugh though... watching it back.  "Yeah, two mommies."  What was she talking about??? so funny.  I still don't know that she understands what a transplant is, but she knows how to say it and takes ownership. :-)

Mia was perfectly content to go with them.  
I opted out of the pre-med because I think it makes her recovery worse.  

Fuzzy picture, but she is so smiley and sweet.  She knows what is going on because she has been in that very room two times recently, but is still all smiles.  She is so trusting and loving.  I always HATE turning around and walking out of the double doors.  If I think too much about it I would be a basket case, so I said some more prayers and headed off to visit our heart friend. 

This is Mr. Matthew.  He is waiting ever so patiently for a new heart.  When I got to his door they were drawing his blood and I was already on the verge of tears.  The protest from these little heart babies getting their blood drawn is just heart breaking.  He was adorable.  His heart failure is so deceiving because he was full of energy and has such a happy disposition. This little boy is such a fighter. Please say an extra prayer for him and his family.  

 I didn't get to visit with Matthews mom for very long before the pager went off.  They are so quick when it is just a biopsy.  Mia was suuuuper wiped out.  I think she got a little more sedation this time.  She slept and slept and so did I.  I love that she is out cold while holding onto her sippy.  Those are some heavy drugs.

Heart flavored Coban!?!  How cute is that?  

Daddy stopped by again.  You can't see it very well, but Mia's face was red and having a strange reaction to something.  She did this at her other biopsy as well.  I am so curious what it is a reaction to.  It could be the anti-nausea... could be the anesthesia.  She just looks ill.  Sweet thing.  

After recovery, another echo, and a visit with the doctors we headed back upstairs so Mia could meet Matthew.  She was completely happy in her wagon post echo so we decided a visit was in order.  Once we got to his room she was miserable.  She was so tired, and I should have left her in her wagon, but wanted to get a picture with our heart friends.  Poor thing had a reaction to the anesthesia while we were visiting Matthew.  We were just going to leave, but decided a picture is a must (surprise surprise) so we got a quick picture then Mia fell fast asleep so I was able to visit.  

I love the look on Matthew's face.  He is thinking.... "um???? who brought the sad girl?"  These visits are so few and far between that five minutes is better than no minutes.  Cute as a button Shiloh was decked out in her cute cute hearts.  I've said it before and I'll say it again... heart kiddos come with a little extra dose of cuteness!  It was lovely to visit, ladies.  In a different life we would be able to get together outside of the hospital and talk about things that have nothing to do with meds, side effects, diagnoses etc.  For now we will get these kiddos "out of the woods," hi-five in the hospital, and then some day we can all take a cruise together! :-)  Heart mommie cruise 2013... I'm feelin' it.

If you didn't know from the title of the post Mia is REJECTION FREE!!  The feeling of getting a zero rejection biopsy result never gets old.  It is exhilarating.  I will never ever ever take "no rejection" for granted.  The nurse said a score of 1.1.0 is great and that you can't get better than that.

I am completely smitten with my daughter and when I get the news that we don't have to go back for three months, I have a physical manifestation in my heart.  I know it sounds weird, but I feel it in the muscle itself.  I have been having chest pain all day... there must be something called ecstatic chest pain, because I could not be happier than I am typing this up.  We are so blessed, and now we just need to show the world how wonderful organ donation is  so Mr. Matthew and our other heart friends waiting for new hearts can have days like today. 

Me and my girl.  We are going to go speak at a conference in November.  We tried to get some pictures for the newsletter.  We didn't do so well, but this one is pretty tender. 

I love you Mia- more than I have words to describe. 
No rejection! That's my girl!


Shila said...

Yay! So happy for you guys. So interesting, Mia talking about two mommies. The very first thing I thought of when she said that on the clip was, "She is so right, there are two mommies. Her mommy and her angel heart's mommy." What a smart girl!

Mimi said...

Shila- Crazy you should say that. Right after I posted this post, that exact thought came to mind. I don't give Mia enough credit. We do talk about her angel heart and Jacob's mom so I'm sure that is what she was referring to. She is smart- smarter than her mom!

Anonymous said...

YEA!!! Meems...I do want you two to come to my school next year and talk to the club I advise at West. It is called HOSA and it is for kids that want to go into the Health care field. I know they would LOVE to hear your story!!!

Brimaca said...

OH YAY!!! WOOHOO! She is soooo sweet. And I love that pic at the bottom.

Allison said...

Yay Mia!! Great news!!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I love this post! I've read it like three times now. I adore the pics at the end and I wish I could hear you speak at the conference! I love how fancy you got her for her surgery...and BEST OF ALL...the good news at the end. Phew. Here's to only one biopsy next year!