May 9, 2012

Beets and Beats

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Jensen is a major consumer of beets.  My kids love beets.  Beets turn everything bright pinkish/red... and when i say everything I mean everything.  Wouldn't it be interesting if everything we ate came with this kind of evidence?  Maybe we would eat beets more often because we would be rockin the hot pink lips.  Maybe we would stay away from doughnuts because surely they would be an awful color.  

Speaking of HOT PINK.  I have a random question... i am wondering if anyone else does/did this.  Growing up I always associated the city of Orem with Hot pink because it had the mall.  When my mom asked me if I wanted to go with her to Orem I always got extremely excited....YES! The hot pink place.  If she asked me if I wanted to go to Provo I always thought of a yuck brown color.  Did anyone ever associate places or terms with colors and how much you liked that item/place?  I might be crazy.  I must clarify that now I do love Provo equally... maybe a little more than Orem.  After going to BYU I pretty much think Provo is the coolest place on earth... no lie.  I love it!  It even has a mall... way out of the way... but it is a mall.  Just in case you wanted to know.  


Our kids love music!  All of them, they all have their requests.  Anytime music comes on Sam goes berzerk, and flaps his arms like he wants them to detach.  He also leads the music which melts my heart.  I did finally get it on camera, but I am too lazy to upload the video.  He has his favorite songs that he insists we sing to him and night and after we leave the room he sings them for a good 10 minutes before he falls asleep.  Twinkle stars, Child a Gah, ABC's, and lightly are his top picks.

Jense is my singer boy.  I have always enjoyed listening to him sing... he has a really good ear and is usually right on pitch.  His music appreciation has reached a point where he is extremely interested in having "beats" to listen to.  John boy calls music "beats" so my kids do too. :-)  Jense found an ipod in the field behind our house awhile back.  It was completely destroyed, but being the junker that he is he has been trying to repair it ever since.  The other night Jense ran to find me.  When he made it down stairs and back up again he was out of breath and exploding with enthusiasm.  He said, "mom, come quick! come quick!"  "it works, it works!!"  I went into my room and found his fried ipod plugged into my computer.  "Look mom! the light is on!!!"  He was so excited I had to follow suit.  I was concerned that the rusty USB was somehow destroying my drive, but I ignored those thoughts and celebrated with my boy.  He was so proud of himself that the light went on.  I told him we could charge it over night and see what happened.  The screen was completely missing, but I thought it would be worth a try anyway.  In the morning when it didn't work, he thought maybe it didn't charge enough.  Jense is my never say die boy... and I love him for it.  We had an old ipod we pulled out so he could forget about resurrecting his treasure.  He is long versed in using an ipod, but wanted to make his own playlist.  Tonight we made his play list and he took the ipod with his ear buds and went exercising with his dad.  Every time Jense hears a song he likes he will come sing it to me and ask me to download it.  I have yet to tell him no... I just love his singing/memory of the songs that I am a complete sucker for whatever this kid asks of me.... music wise.  It has only been a handful of songs, so I haven't had to reign him in. :-) His favorite song this year for sure is the the kid bop version of party rock anthem.  I think this song will always remind me of Jense.  Party rockin' in the house tonight... everybody just having a good time... and WEEGO make you loose you're mind....  The way he sings this song cracks me up... he's definitely got the style down.   

Ells and Mia are both music lovers as well. Mia sticks to nursery rhymes or the children's song book app.  She is getting pretty good with a lot of the primary songs.  Soo sweet! She also sings along to a lot of music that John listens to.  I am always shocked when she knows the words to daddy's music.

I find Ellie listening to Zumba music the most.  I don't know why she loves it, but she does.  A bunch of random Zumba songs are always on the top 25 played songs.  My little Zumba girl.  Ellie is also my kid bop girl.  She likes to turn on the Pandora kid bop channel and dance and do her gymnastics moves. 

- This post was super old, and I completely forgot about it... I think it was during a blogging drought. Must have been. :-)

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