May 10, 2012

Curlformers- yes... a product blog

I do not usually blog about products very often, BUT... these I must. My sis gave us bag full of these babies, and I looove them! My girls love curls in their hair and I am amazed and how quick and easy they are to put in and take out.  Here is a little tutorial for you.  It's simple. 

The curlers include a want that you thread through the curler-

take a sectioned piece of hair and use the end of the wand to hook the section of hair and pull it through the center of the curler.  The curlers are a meshy material that springs right back into a curl. 

I can do all of Ellie's hair in less than 5 minutes.  She sleeps on them with no problem.  They are a squishy material so they are not as uncomfortable as they look. In the morning you squeeze the top part of the curler closest to the scalp releasing the hair.  Just pull the curler out and voila!  I have to reform the curl with my finger if it springs the way I don't want it to.

Mia and Nana all ready for bed with curlformers.  They come in all sizes so short hair works great too.  They have larger curlers (yellow/green) if you don't want a tight curl.  You can also vary the amount of hair you put in each curler for different results. 

Apparently I am not good at taking after pictures, but here is one of Ellie at her school program.  
Mia's biopsy day is also an example of how the curlers curl. 

I think every mom of girls needs these. 
They save so much time and potential burns.  I love them. Thanks Nats!!
There are a few places to buy them, (they are a little spendy) but here is the link to amazon. CURLFORMERS
If you didn't like my tutorial you can watch a how to video on their website.

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Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Where in the tutorial does it mention that you need to win the lottery to use the curlers.