May 9, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

I realize it is a month after Easter... but these pictures are not going to blog themselves.  :-)
We attended a hope kids event while we were in St. George. 

Mia and Sammers found a lot of eggs... a lot.  Once again, it was cold and rainy so there was not a huge turn out so there were a lot of eggs for the kiddo's that stuck it out. 

Mia was pretty happy that she won the drawing for the prize.  
She won a little art kit.  Yay mees!

Ellie got a bucket full as well.  

Face painting is always a hit with the kids. 
Ellie looks like someone stole her bike, but she really did like the design on her face.

Sammers got a "NAKE" on his face

Mia opted for the butterfly on one cheek and a rainbow on the other.... decisions decisions.

She had such a fun day.  I love these events and the people that put them on.  

Sammers went fishing and he won a little rubber duckie.  It's funny how some things are instinctual... like fishing for a prize.  We never told him what to do. He just put his fishing pole up and knew he would receive something. 

Ells wrote some sweet cards to various family members.

Sammy went to the bunny ear making station-

five minutes later they were floppy bunny ears. 

Jense had fun and made the rounds to all of the activities.  
One thing about Jense he how much he treasures every little thing.
He came home with a lot of eggs filled with little toys... 
little toys are like manna from heaven for Jense.

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