May 17, 2012

Late night Zoeing

My mom is a sewing machine!  he he.  Seriously though... the lady can sew.  She is currently sewing three equally adorable quilts.  She told Ellie that if she succeeded at making her bed in the morning (5 days in a row) she would help her make something.  Ellie has been really interested in sewing  forever and since I sew like a mad woman as well, she has had ample opportunities :-)  

She made a cute spider webbed Halloween pot holder for her grandma.

JB actually sews more than me... it's cool.  All of the fabric purchasing, cutting, pinning, storing, it's just not feasible for ME and the littles.  If I can't close to door behind it, I worry about my little busy bodies.  I actually really appreciate sewing a lot, and hope to be an accomplished seamstress someday... but can't wrap my brain around it spatially.  I would need like a warehouse with lots of space to lay everything out and not have kids stepping on pins.

Ellie finally made her goal... with a scosh of leeway.  She has improved.. a lot... maybe not six days in a row a lot, but Nana decided it was good enough. 

My mom has an embroidering machine.  Now that thing I could wrap my brain around.  Does that count as sewing?  It does? Sweet!


Brimaca said...

I soooooooooo agree! I want to sew badly but it's just not feasibly for me right now. I see others doing it, but I can't. Maybe if I quit blogging, but I don't wanna. :0)

Mimi said...

Amen sista!