May 17, 2012

School Program

Cowgirl Ellie takes the stage!

Mia gave her some performance flowers.  Curse the performance flowers!  In WA after every dance recital Ellie was given flowers.  Now she is hooked and thinks it is all part of the package.  It is not a huge deal... just a trip to the store.  Luckily Nats was coming up and picked some up for Ellie.

Sister love

Mia is starting to rebel with all of the picture taking.  
This is her super cheese.  
It is still cute!

Ells and her cute friend.  

Aunt Nats and the kids.  She held them both during the show... because they both wanted her. 
This is how it goes when she's around. 

When we got home the love affair continued.  Both kids wanted to "nuggle" Nats.  Looks like Mia won this round Sammers.  He is so sweet trying to be next to her.  Nuggles like this are the best part of my day.  I have mastered the "two babies nuggle" on the baby in each arm. Sometimes we go through a few different cartoons because the kids are willing to stay put.  I love these three people!

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