May 8, 2012

St. George freeze out

We took a little jaunt down to St. George for Spring break.  I love St. George.  It just feels like spring break when you pull into town.  The pool was the number one agenda item on everyone's list.  Mia put her feet in the pool, but jumped back out.  It was super windy and chilly for most of the time we were there.  I had my jacket on... sitting by the pool and was still cold. 

We took a tour of Brigham Young's Summer home.  It was great.  John boy was named after Lorenzo Young, Brigham Young's brother.  He is a descendant of Lorenzo Young.  Kinda cool.

Sammy could not be any cuter chillin' on the porch of Brigham Young's summer home.  

The girls wanted me to take a picture.  Well, one of them did. 

His shirt says, "Mr. Happy"  
He is Happy... and crazy.  
Too bad the neck is stretched out... too many bar fights. :-)

The gang of kids we took with us.  

There was a giant tree in the backyard. 
Sammy got plenty of attention on the trip from "Aunt Way" and his Nana. 

Sammy was running through the tabernacle like he was on fire, so we had to exit. 
He spent the next ten minutes counting stairs.  I can't believe how quickly he can walk downstairs.  I think it is super sweet that he will charge right down.  At least I still have my Mia girl who insists on holding someones  hand.  I knew the day would come that he would pass her up in being a dare devil.  He flies down stairs solo... baby no more. 

I am in love with Sam.  Can you tell?  I may be on a titch of a Sammy kick.  He had a lot of fun wearing Ellie's glasses.  He has adopted a new word... "fancy."  I might use the word "fancy and fance" a little more than I should.  When he got a truck from his grandma Conway for his birthday he said, "aghnt (want) truck.... fancy truck."  He now calls things he likes "fancy."  He sure enjoys his new "fancy truck."

Sweet Mia is has a perfect little smile on her face.  
She was in heaven... free as a bird hiking in such a beautiful place.  

Ellie loved hiking with her sister.  She held her hand for a long time.  She kept introducing Mia to everything within sight.  "look Meana... a rock that looks like a ninja."  Travel guide/sister. 

The kids loved the sand part of the hike.  Mia didn't want to leave.  

Toward the end of the hike you have to use a rope to climb over a section of rock.  Usually I am not afraid of physical task, but I have to admit I was afraid.  I just felt a little dizzy... thank you lisinopril. 

All the little hikers

Sammy found a huge beetle.  Once he spotted it, he was terrified.  

After the hike the kids decided to eat lunch on the top of Rae's car. 
Best place for a picnic!

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Anonymous said...

We go on the same hike often, it's perfect! We love it, even using the rope at the end! Next time you're here, let's hook up, maybe Abby will be feeling better by then!

Michelle Doman