May 28, 2012

Suzie's Blessing Way

All Blessingways include a few key items.  Item #1... delicious food!
This dish wasn't finished, but you get the idea. Thanks boo for introducing me to this deliciousness.

My sis is having a baby... she refuses to find out what she's having. Yes, one of those people.
I would do it if I could.....nope, I've got nothin.  I am all about finding out- all the time. 
We tried a few tricks to predict the baby's gender.  This was the classic ring floating over the belly trick.  There were mixed results on this one.

This online Q&A about her pregnancy was no help either.  
Looks like we are just going to have to wait!  

We etched some glass with what we are going to pray for when she is in labor. This is kind of a sweet idea.  We will light the candle when she is in labor and think about what our candle says hoping it for the baby/suz.  Of course I chose health.

We massaged her feet.  Pampering is up there on the blessingway "to do" list.  Okay, my sister has a lucky toe.  Can you tell which one it is?  If forget what my other sisters called that toe, but I call it the lucky toe.  It's a genetic thing.  

I love my sisters.  Rae is taking the pic and it is mostly of our heads... but this room full of women are THE BEST!

Wishes for the baby.  The baby was active and we all got a piece of that pie!  
I'm loving my 2 week old polish not fully removed-  
Ellie is in a fingernail painting stage- blue is totally in

The burning of the fears- 

Burn fears burn!!

After boo and I spent a while smoking the fears, she went and got an accelerator.  
Girls can play with fire too.

Sydney wanted to join the girl fun. So she wrapped her wrist up too.  This was the spinning of the motherhood web.  We did this at Boo's blessingway too.  I am just waiting for the day when we are all tangled up and someone needs to go to the bathroom. 

All the girls.  I am so happy that Jess and Boo flew in. It was so great to see them!    Boonie did a great job planning the blessingway, and I hope there are at least a few more of these to come!  Boo also brought Ava and Carl, and I got to see Ava walk!  
Pics to come from my birthday party that was later that evening.  
I'm sooo old.  sniff sniff


Brimaca said...

I want some sisters!!!! I'm so jealous. I'm preggo and my brothers are like, "Hey cool. Think she'll be a finger sucker like you?" And that's all I get.

Brimaca said...

I'm not preggo...but when I am. Re-read that and though uh-oh. Spreading rumors. :)