May 9, 2012


Zions is beautiful.  This was our first hike.  We needed a warm-up before we took all  eight kids to angels landing.  Juuuuust kidding.  We are not that crazy, but I would like to hike it some day...without the kids.  I wish I remembered the names of the hikes but I don't.  I'm pretty sure this one was weeping something.  It is the hike that you get wet walking to the top. 

Jense kept busy while waiting for the shuttle.  It was a cold and windy day at Zions.  We were expecting some good heat, but everyone was pretty chilly the entire time.  Nat gave Jense her jacket because he didn't bring one.  Thanks Nats. 

Sammer was a great little hiker. 
He wanted to be held some of the time, but walked for a lot of the hike.

We stopped to take a rock throwing break.  

Nats and Mia on the clock throwing rocks into the river. 

My little affectionate Ellie made a message in the sand for me.  She can be such a sweetie.  She got such a good reaction that she would run ahead and make message in the sand for dad, nat, nana... she had all sorts of love that day. 

Zions is full of crazy squirrels.  Apparently they are the most dangerous thing about hiking in Zions.  Sam decided to go toe to toe with a squirrel.  Luckily the squirrel ran away and Sam was well supervised.  The pictures from the squirrel attacks they advertise was enough to keep us away from those squirrels.  They would greet you along the trail and just stand there... not afraid of anything.  Definitely different from the squirrels we are used to.  

Jense loves outdoor adventures.  He earned his hiking belt loop at Zions. 
Way to go buddy!

One thing that Mia cannot get enough of is giving kisses. 
It's safe to say that there isn't a more affectionate child on the planet.  
She spontaneously gives me kisses on my for head all the time.  
Here she is giving a kiss to her daddy. 

And another one.  
I hope she is always this affectionate.  
This girl has so much love to give.  

Mommy and Sammer Jam.  He has pretty much perfected the "cheeese!"  

Super Sam!

I don't know how I missed taking a picture of this, but Nat carried Mia the entire time.  She zipped her right up into a fleece because she was freezing and carried her the entire way.  
Mia and Nat... bff's. 

Ellie had a great day. Despite being super girly she is 100% an outdoor lover.
She climbs and explores and gets really dirty. 

Zions was beautiful... cold, but definitely worth it. 
Next time we go we hope to find some sunshine.

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Ms. Dolly Dagger said...

I have missed your blog Mimi!! I need to make it a priority to keep up with you cutey family!!