Jun 20, 2012


I snapped these pictures a long time ago.  She wanted pictures of her head band that she got for her birthday.  This is Ellie back in February.  Now her hair is blue... just kidding. 

Despite keeping me on my toes every hour of every day, Ellie is a real sweet heart. 
She loves her babies and will give anything to everyone.
She gives gives gives, then gives some more.  
I will always love this about her-
I just won't buy her anything nice ;-)

I love you Ells Bells!


jenn said...

these pics are gorgeous! Just the other day Anders said "when we move back home will we live close to your friend with the daughter?" Smiling inside cause I knew he was talking about you, I said "Why do you want to be friends with her?" He said, "Yea, I should if you want me to marry her right?!" Yes! My brain washing is working!!!

Mimi said...

That makes my heart sooo happy!! I love Anders. He would be the perfect son in law. I'm glad it's working. Maybe they should be pen pals now... just to get them while their young ;-)

Danielle said...

Great pics Meem. Cute headband as well.

jenn said...

Sounds like a plan! What is your address? He can do it for his writing time! He will love it, rather than writing, everyday..."I hate writing, only 10 more mintues, now only five more minutes, I'm almost done done, yea, times up!"