Jun 6, 2012

Fancy Nancy

One mommy regret of mine... not unpacking the dress up clothes.  Mia has been robbed of all things dress up.  I made the trek down to my sisters house to get the embarrassingly large box of dress up clothes.

We needed the dress up clothes for a Fancy Nancy Soiree that I signed the girls up for-

It was the most adorable thing... ever.  Ells didn't want to go for a typical Fancy Nancy look- she was all about her party in the USA costume.

Part of the event was a little parade- Mia was LOVING it!

Ellie wanted to max out Mia's experience- of course.  Wave Mia!

Each little girl got to go do a twirl on the stage with Fancy Nancy- When Mia got to the stage sans her big sister... she got a little too nervous.  I had to go retrieve my little girlie.  The tears stopped quickly, but it was a little too much for miss Mees. 

Decorating cookies make everything better!

Fancy Nancy with my little fancy girlies. 

Just in case you haven't seen enough of this face lately-

Here are a few more shots of the princess herself. 

 My little girly is sick right now... so these pics of a happy/healthier time are good for this mommy heart.  I will update on Mia soon.  

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