Jun 8, 2012

Hand Foot and What!?!

It was inevitable that Mia would eventually come down with the same virus that Sammers had.  This virus is everywhere lately! I just hoped that because she had been previous infected that it wouldn't be that bad. 

Nope! No such luck. This time it is WORSE. She looks awful!!!
Sam never looked like this... he had some red spots, but nothing like our immuno-supressed senorita.

It is not just on her sweet little mouth and hands but covers her feet... legs... and basically everywhere except for her cute little arms. The first night with the illness was straight out of the twilight zone. I was so exhausted, but neither of us slept a wink.  She was so itchy and I had to scratch her feet continually or she would scream.  It was awful.  I was too delirious to think to give her benedryl.  The following night benedryl was a life saver. 

Ellie has been a great sister to Mia while she is sick.
My little beauties

Ells wanted a picture of her getting some love from her little sis. 

I'm hoping Mia gets better soon-
Her little face and hands just look terrible.


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Such sweet happy pictures of a sick and still happy little one. I love her. I love Ellie too...countdown is on...I can't wait to get them in my arms. Mia...get better!!!

Jenn said...

so sorry you are dealing with this too, no fun! :( My kids had it last month, I'm glad its in the past. Thinking of you always.

Carol said...

So NOT fun. I remember my kids having that years ago. Do you know any doTERRA reps in Midway? You should get some lavender and melaleuca oil and make some "owie spray" for Mia. It should clear that virus right up. If you can't find anyone to sell it to you, call me!

Brimaca said...

Oh sad! Poor girlie. And scary on John's post. Glad it all worked out ok.