Jun 6, 2012

Skate park Kids

Jensen's new obsession... the skate park!

Ells doesn't mind the skate park too.  Although she likes to inform me about all of the boys that sometimes go there that do not have their shirts on.  "Oh mom, gross!"

"Mom, take a picture of my skills."

"I'm going to practice my hung-foo moves on you Sammers... hold still!"


Ells loves to zip around.  She is usually wearing a helmet, but forgot it this time.  

Jense is working on getting up to the edge... he is so daring these days.  It makes me happy... and a little nervous at the same time, but mostly happy. 

He has taken a few spills.  He always asks me if I saw his, "wipe out." 
His wipe outs aren't that serious... but he views them as pretty  extreme. 
One of these days he is going to give his skateboard a try.  I love watching his face light up on his scooter... so the scooter stays for now.

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