Jun 21, 2012

Washington Visitors

"The cousins" came into town.  It is always so fun when we have out of town cousins to play with.

We went to the Homestead.  Sammers and daddy tried to take on Dillon for a game of ping pong.  

Mia and Evie Stevie- BFF's for life.  

The kids had fun at a jumpy house place.  Kangaroo something or other.  
Ellie helped Mia and Eve get up every single ladder- and then she went down with the slides with them.  It comes in so handy sometimes that she is such a mommy at heart. 

Cute Cute not so baby anymore, Luke

Uncle Dillon took all of the kids on this ride at Trafalga. 

I think that this is very similar to the vessel that Kal-EL traveled in from the planet Krypton, arriving in, as we all know, Smallville. 

Uncle Dillon is the greatest.  He took the kids out in the go-carts and all had a blast. 

Strap it on.
Wave to the fans!
ON BELAY!  BELAY ON!  This kids were amazing.  I never could have made it that high so young.  It is fun to see the kids challenge themselves, and often they push themselves further just seeing their peers doing something.  Big E climbed right to the top even though the last couple hand grips were missing.  Amazing.
You there!  Fetch me a drink!  Bring a large fan made from an enormous leaf, and feed me grapes from the fine.   
Don't hold back grandma!  Let him have it!  Grandma and grandpa Conway came into town at the same time as the Eugenio's.  The big event was Dillon "walking," as he recently finished jumping through the last hoop to officially get his degree from the BYU. 
Right here our group is flying at 20,000 feet elevation standing on the open ramp of an Army C130 Cargo Jet.  You can see the night air behind them and some city lights far below.  Kidding.  They are really inside "the crater" in Midway.  You can see a scuba diver off to the right. 

Thirsty Boy!
These kids never tire of a good roughhousing.  Aunt beebs can toss 'em around like no other.  And, there wasn't even any blood spilled that day.  We sure love our Washington family!  The kids still talk and dream about when the next visit will be.  The last night was actually one of the best.  We all (us and Conways) slept in a nice resort hotel in Midway.  The pool was amazing and it was fun to have us all crammed into the same room.  It was going to be just me and the two oldest with grandma and grandpa, but Mia wasn't about to be left behind!  She has made it quite clear that she is part of the crew and is here to stay. 

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