Jul 26, 2012

Manti Pageant in theory

We took a trip to Manti to go see the Manti Pageant- We didn't make it to the actual pageant... woopsie. 

The kids were entirely too entertained by the air mattress with a hole in it.  
Who can walk away from that!?

We met Rebecca and her kiddos down there along with Lyndsey and her two cute kids.  This was my first time meeting Lyndsey although I feel like I know her... that is the beauty that is one Rebecca Hamm Pierce.  It was great to finally put a face with a name!

This is Lyndsey- 
you will find no pictures of Rebecca on this campout- she makes pictures of herself magically disappear.  :-)

Jense and Sammers Chillin' on the mattress o fun.

When we arrived at what must have been the only campground in Manti we quickly learned that we were not alone.  We had a 10 by 10 section of grass that was surrounded by a hundred other 10 by 10 campers.  It was quite comical to see all the tents cozied up together.. perfect strangers sleeping within arms reach.  Awesome!  I felt like we needed a cause... a reason we had formed tent city.  A few tents over was a large youth group most likely having their annual youth conference.  They had a dance party in a clearing of grass.  You better believe our kids took full advantage of the loud music.  I love this pic of Ruby- she is dancing and lip-syncing!  Although they brought the kids ice cream-  small children and youth conference do not mix.  When it was time for the littles to sleep the teenagers were just getting started.  I had some major flashbacks to my youth.  All the girls standing together... glow sticks... they even played a song that was played at a majority of my youth dances.  We had half a heart to show them how to "Hammer time" but in the end we stuck to our side of tent city. 

My kids are no strangers to dancing... especially Sammers.  There is just something in his blood

More air mattress wrestling

Sam was a big fan of the tent.  I don't think he has been in a tent that he can remember.
It was a fun novelty, but he was a monster in the night.  

Ruby doobes and Bets enjoying the water.  
Manti might be small, but they have an awesome water park. 

Can you tell which mama and kids lived in Arizona?  

Blue Slushie time.  I love shaved ice!
I don't even need the flavoring... I just love eating snow like ice.  
A good quality shaved ice machine is second on the list to the industrial cotton candy machine!

Ells is such a confident little swimmer. She swims under water for a long time, then pops up to breathe and heads right back under.  

After the water park I had everything working against me and decided to cut our trip short.  I realize now that I had no business camping with four kids without JB.  It sounded easy at first but after all the potty trips, the INSANE heat with zero shade, super cranky kids, 1 solid hour of sleep, allergies, and Jensen getting the sunburn of a life time, I cut my losses and headed back home.  I lathered the kid in sunscreen but I think it attracted the sun instead of repelling it.  There was no refuge from the heat and  I knew he would be so miserable.  Oh and this was during the weekend we were supposed to move.  I really wanted to stay because I missed out on girl time, but I am just going to have to plan a girls only campout.  The day and night and day we did spend was pretty fun though.  Next time I go, I will have to make sure my kids see the pageant.   

To top everything off I also got a speeding ticket.  The ironic thing is that I passed two police officers two minutes before I got the ticket.  The police were everywhere and somehow I missed the sign that said now you must go 2 miles an hour instead of 5.... sheesh.  not really, but it was crazy slow.  The officer informed me that because of the Manti pagenat they had to issue a ticket... 
so Manti pageant goers beware.  :-)


Lyndsey said...

oh mimi my heart is breaking right now. See i adore you and was so happy to finally meet you in person. But our friendship was short lived because I just can't be friends with someone who posts that picture of me and feels good about it!!! LOL I need to take lessons from Rebecca and have my pictures disappear! REally it to meet you!

Lyndsey said...

edit....really it was NICE to meet you! you are as great in person as Rebecca says!

Rebecca Pierce said...

Hahahaha to Lynz's comment. I was thinking the same thing, actually. I was thinking...she is PREGNANT...you have to throw that out there because she doesn't look obviously pregs in that pic. Lynz...still laughing so hard at your comment. :)

I am so glad you've been my person for like six years and you refer to me as Rebecca Hamm Pierce. Dunnit get any better than that.

Send me the HTML code for this post so I don't have to suffer through individual file uploading.

Rebecca Pierce said...

And now I am going to call you at 12:36am your time. Awesome. You are awake.

Mimi said...

Oh dear me! I thought you looked adorable. Good call. I should mention that you are pregnant, but it didn't cross my mind. I will remove it.... if you agree to be my friend again :-)

Rebeccs- I know... full name basis! sending html.

Lyndsey said...

haha! of course i was joking. but it is a horrible picture! :) I swear I looked more prego in real life...