Jul 12, 2012

Minnie Mouse is in Da House!

I feel like a Minnie Mouse bomb went off in our house this past week.  If you're going to commit to the entire post... you better grab a snack... or get cozy.  Or, you could always just scroll through the pictures and call it a day.  Mia's big "Four in July" birthday party!!

Mia's party was nothing short of adorable!  She had a Minnie party and loved every minute... until the end when she was exhausted from all of the fun.  

We ate some "hot diggity dogs" and a bunch of other yummy party food. 

We busted out Sammy's "bubble sheen" for Meana's party.  Kids and bubbles... you can't go wrong.

Nana has been busy at her sewing machine making this darling little minnie dress for Mia.  
It is so cute... and she just loved it!  Thanks so much Nana!  

I decided to splurge at get a bounce house for the party. It was actually a good deal as far as bounce houses go, and I knew she would love it.  She did.

She loved it so much that she got pink cheeked and exhausted from all the jumping.  

Jense was a big fan of the bounce house at well.

Daddy and Sammers enjoyed some lunch.

Despite not being much of an eater Mia loaded up on her birthday.  She is barely tipping the scales at 31lbs.  I think Sammy has passed her up... but she seems to get what she needs.

We searched the house for the Minnie Mouse cake topper, but is was no where to be found so Mickey won out.  I guess someone found another Mickey Mouse and had the two dance on the pedestal.  Jokesters.

My cutest cousin Keith showed up to Mia's party with some gifts.

He is such a great guy!  He lives in China, how great is that!?!  I would love to go to China!

Mia jumping and having the time of her life in the bounce house.

Watching her have so much fun on her birthday makes me one happy mama.  I just love that little face, and want her to be happy!

Aunt Nats and my newest little nephew who makes me want to steal him every time I see him.  I love newborns... LOVE THEM!  I think I will always want a newborn baby. If my sisters keep having them, I guess that is the next best thing!

Mia made the rounds to her party guests... offering them water. Not really. We just tried to keep the girl hydrated.  It was CRAZY hot that day.  

Peek a boo!

This picture cracks me up- they all look very serious and mesmerized by the candle. 
Make a wish sweet girl!

A few of my home girls from high school came to celebrate.  It was so fun to see them and catch up.  

Mia loved opening up her gifts from her friends. 

Looks like Abby learned how to wink.  Not an easy feat for a kiddo

Me and Sammer Jams.  We call him Sam Bone, or Sam Boney.  The other day he referred to himself as "Boney."  I laughed and lauged.  The boy keeps me laughing... a lot. 

Nats made this adorable little Minnie Mouse Apron Dress for Mia.  She loved it.  

Sammy loved "going down da hill" Suzie and Syd joined him.

Nana got in some good quality time with her new little grandson. 

My personal favorite part of the party was the cotton candy!  I love cotton candy... it's sooo tasty!  A friend had a cotton candy machine she let me use for the day.  I definitely see a big industrial cotton candy machine in my future.  I remember using Mr. Ward's cotton candy machine in the 7th grade and I think that is when I became hooked to the fluffy deliciousness. 

Not quite sure what was going on, but JB had the camera and was taking pictures of Sammy. I turned around and he looked like he was posing for a picture with his hand behind his head.  Goof ball!

Sammy stayed really busy the entire party.  He was all business playing then eating then playing then eating some more.  I hardly saw him the entire time because he was so self sufficient.  

Mia had fun watching the cotton candy machine.  My friend Mandy took over and handled the cotton candy and all of the impatient kids. :-) Thanks!!

More birthday fun

The prize table. 

Cutest little newborn smile!

"birthday blower" wars

The signature family pic at a birthday party.  All of my kids are looking so old- It's just not right. 

We love this girl.

She loves this girl too. Mia is slightly obsessed with Aunt Nats. She wants to talk to her everyday, and wants her to come pick her up so she can see her puppies.  Mia thinks the puppies belong to her. 

Mia had a lot of help opening her gifts from her older sister.  

Two suprise quests were two of Ellie's favorite girls on the Waspettes.  She seriously talks non stop about them and they are celebrities in our house.  I think they are pretty great myself!

John and I use the term "arm bar" often.  This is what the arm bar looks like.  

More Sammy poses... where does this kid come from? 

Cute Ellie

Papa was messin with Mia... she thought it was pretty funny. 

She eventually gave up some "essimo" kisses to her Papa.  He asks from Eskimo kisses pretty much every time he sees her.  She obliges... and Sam volunteers "essimos"  it's super cute!

When I got home from the party I noticed the cute Birthday Banner my mom had made hanging up on the wall.  She must have hung it up after I left... but Mia's birthday square will be there all week. 

After the party Mia spent a few hours on the couch- she was exhausted.  Anyone want to come like a thief in the night at take away all the "ba doo bobs?"  It has been good for her nutrition, but I think it's time to say sayonara. 


Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Such a cute, fun party! Happy Birthday, Mia!!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Mia.. sorry it's so late.. haven't had a computer.. what great pictures and so glad to see she's doing so well.

Shelley Eggett said...

You throw awesome parties! I'm sad we missed it. Don't quit inviting us, just because we never come. I promise one of these times we will. It's so fun to see Mia happy and thriving, she is such a doll!

Shelley Eggett said...

P.S. Let her keep the bottle :)

Christy said...

a few thoughts:
1. GORGEOUS children.Seriously.
2. When did Mia grow up? Shes so splendidly thriving and full of little girl-ness all of a sudden!
3. You should be a party planner and come plan ALL my parties from now on.

Happy Birthday Mia!!!!

Shila said...

Looks like such a fun and fabulous party! Love the Hot Diggety Dogs! Makes me miss you guys!

Mimi said...

Thanks Rebecca and Jessica!

Shell- Oh we will keep inviting you every year until you DO come! :-)

Christy- thank you! I know, it's crazy how old she is. I would love to plan a party for you- let's do it.

Shila- we miss you guys too!