Jul 23, 2012

Nats Nats and more Nats

Sammy heard that Aunt Nats is all the rage around here.  Now he completely on board with all things aunt Nats.  He wants his fair share of aunt Nats time!  Nats with her two biggest fans took a minute to chill on the porch.  

The requests for aunt Nats start early in the day.  Once Mia is dressed and ready she often asks where her Nats is.  I think she assumes that Nat will be by to pick her up pretty much every morning- poor kid. We call her often, and to avoided Nat's getting sick of us, sometimes I just pop open the computer and show them pictures of her.  

I am glad that my kids are in love with their aunt Nats.  I need to take a few hundred more pictures so my kids have something to tie them over when Nat has to do normal life stuff and not spend time with her two biggest fans.  She is the celebrity around these parts and she deserves it.  
We love you Nats!  
My kids are going through withdrawal- can you swing on up the canyon by chance? 
Or at least send some video messages?
Ya know, with your snob phone?  :-)

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