Jul 19, 2012

Scout Camp

I went with Jense to his scout camp this year.  

If it were up to him scout camp would be every single week. 

He calls this shooting a "bowen arrow"  When he talks about how he can't find his bowen, I don't correct him.  I'm mean like that.  I just think it is too cute!  One of these days I'll tell him it is just a bow.  But, not today.

I forgot to take a picture of his finished bird house, but Jensen is my artsy boy... he does every little project with his whole heart and does a good job.  

One of his favorite things about camp was buying things in at the trading post- which was in a tee pee.  He earned a few dollars doing "money jobs" and came home with some feathers and another pocket knife. 

Jense is all but finished with his wolf.  He just needs to finnish a few things.  I can't believe it.  My boy is so old.  The scouting dances/ cheers / chants crack me up!  I should have got it on film, but forgot.  This particular one he really got into- it is called smashed banana or something like that.  

I love scouting and love what it does for Jense- He loves it, and he has great leaders!  
Now, if I could find a girl scout group for Ells we would be set. 

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Hilary and Eric said...

you are a good Mommy. Period.