Jul 19, 2012

Taking to the Stage

Mia and Sammers came with me to Drill Team camp.  When the girls were not using the stage, Mia and Sam ran up there to do their own dancing. 

One of Mia's BEST dance moves is demonstrated here.  She will hold her arms out then quickly do a step together step to the side.  It is called a lindy if you are familiar with dance terms.  It is hilarious because she just does one big distinct lindy and is done.  She also has an awesome booty shake that we request often.  She is one proud booty shaker!

Sam definitely got the dancing gene.  Any time he hears any music he turns into out little dance machine. I could watch him dance for hours.  Sometimes he just gets int the zone.  The above dance consists of him just walking around and shrugging his shoulders over and over.  LOVE IT!
I can't wait for this kid to wake up in the morning.  I have a rush joy when I get him out of his cribby. He is just so much fun and does/says the most entertaining things. 

We are one big dancing family- sometimes there are injuries, and sometimes we neglect doing the dishes, but we sure love our after dinner dance party! 

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